I kicked my son out of the house when he graduated.

What can I say about my 21-year-old son, who is frivolous and arrogant? I don’t know how I managed to raise such a selfish person. I think it’s because I raised him alone, without a husband.

Max did more than live at my expense. He made me a grandmother as well. However, he wouldn’t marry and refused to acknowledge paternity. I corrected his mistakes, helped my granddaughter financially, and played with her. I am glad her mother is a good girl, but I am ashamed of her son.

My son only knows how to ask for money from me for vacations, education, and new clothes. I understand that I have a business and enough money, but he doesn’t understand that money is not easy for me.

I’m tired of it all. And I told him if he didn’t find a job by graduation, he could take his things and leave. And if he did find a job, I’ll give him time to make it right and tell him to go.

When my son graduated from university, he never found a job. Or, more accurately, he didn’t even look for one because he thought I was joking. But I was serious, and I packed his luggage and asked him to leave by evening. What then will take place?

My son was upset and headed over to a friend’s house.

I don’t have to worry because I believe someday, he’ll thank me and understand that everything was only for his benefit. I hope so. I want to think that I am doing the right thing. He won’t change unless he is given much motivation. And he needs to mature and take responsibility for himself.

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I kicked my son out of the house when he graduated.