I lent my uncle my car, and my cousin crashed it

There is a straightforward truth I would like to tell you. If you remember it, that truth will save your life more than once, not twice. Think carefully about who to trust. You need to make sure they are your closest friends. Just because someone is a relative doesn’t mean you have to share everything with him. Fur her more; it is wise not to disclose your spiritual and financial happiness. Because the most envious people have always been and always will be people close to you. Moreover, it is not possible to trust strangers. Therefore, before you share the most intimate thing with someone, you may want to think carefully. Perhaps it would be easier to have fun alone and not suffer.

It seems that my uncle has a very jealous family. Especially after the recent incident, we have never been particularly close. My dad is the oldest son in the family, so I think that’s why my uncle dislikes him. But I’m not guilty of anything. I only have cousins and no brothers and sisters. Diana and Dan are very much like their father.

Indeed, they do not communicate with me much, and sometimes they behave intolerably. When I was a child. I was an only child. Although they did not pamper me, they always bought the most essential and exciting things. I remember one incident from my childhood, which was repeated on a larger scale in my adult life. I once really wanted a battery-powered car to drive like an adult.

My parents bought this for me despite financial difficulties, and I was thrilled they did. But when Diana and Dan visited, they crushed and broke it into pieces. I remember crying a lot, and my uncle would not admit to his guilt and said nothing terrible had taken place. I am just spoiled.

As a result of my constant rush for time, I did not have the opportunity to get my license until I was almost twenty-five years old. It took me even longer to save for my dream car, but I could do it all. Recently, I have already begun driving a new car. My parents were very proud of me. I did not ask them for anything. I earned everything by myself. And recently, my uncle came and borrowed a car for the day.

My uncle said he would protect him like the apple of his eye, so I asked for the keys to the car and ran to work. It’s good that it’s not far from where I live because the next day, I find out that Dan had borrowed the car from my uncle, who does not have a driver’s license, and crashed it. 

For that reason, my uncle once again says to me that I am reacting like a spoiled child. I don’t know how to control myself anymore. There is no way I can manage my anger at the moment. How would you react to my situation?

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I lent my uncle my car, and my cousin crashed it