I moved in with him, why?

-Move in with me.  We will live together and everything will be better.  I have so much work and so little free time for myself.  Well, frozen dumplings and pork chops, and the house is a mess. It will also be useful to you. You will not have to pay for an apartment, you will not have to buy food or clothes. You can quit your job. My salary is enough for both of us to live a normal life.

Monika was glad to hear that.  She has long wanted to live with Mark.  Each morning, wake up together and plan the rest of the day together.  Isn’t that great?  Two years of their romantic relationship had passed, and she already had doubts as to whether Mark had serious intentions towards her. Of course, she wanted to be his official bride. But now a marriage without living together before marriage is a rarity.

Monika transferred her things to Marks’ and this is how the story of their life together began.  They both worked until evening, and although exhausted, the girl tried to be the perfect hostess in the kitchen and at home.  She left work an hour earlier than Mark and immediately started cooking a delicious dinner.  Monika loved preparing special dinners and getting up early every morning to prepare breakfast.  They spent their weekends in the city or ordered food to go home.  Apart from cooking, all the housework rested on her delicate shoulders.  Besides, Mark was an absolute pedant and expected perfect order.

At some point, Monika’s management changed at work, and with the working conditions. Now she worked much longer, until 9pm. The salary has also changed – it has increased a lot.  She quickly stopped having to deal with household chores.  I mean, she cleaned it up somehow, but she didn’t have the strength for it at all.  Then Mark began to remind her of his proposal to quit her job and take care of the house.  And so the girl quit a good job and abandoned her course plans where she could improve her professional skills.

It’s been a long time, 8 years.  One day, Monika found Mark in bed with his lover.  A terrible row broke out, which ended with the guy telling her to pack and kicking her out of the house. By the way, he reminded Monika that she was basically nothing to him, so she had no right to demand anything from him.  The broken woman had no choice but to take her things and move out to her sister.  Now Monika has to rebuild everything.  She is no longer 20, but over 35, and she is alone: ​​no husband, no children, no job, not even a home.

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I moved in with him, why?