I pay for my bus seat, but I’m not allowed to sit.

Retirees feel like they’re being insulted and abused everywhere, mainly because of their age. Let me assure you that this isn’t true.

My constant conflicts on buses are a great example. I don’t cause them.

Currently, I am a 16-year-old student living a pretty long distance away from my school. That’s why I have to catch the bus. Because I have back problems, it hurts a lot to stand for long periods. A backpack makes it more difficult.

I just had another argument with a retiree. I recently took the bus and paid. It was still early in the morning. There was a seat available, so of course, I sat there. Some retirees want to take seats away from younger people. When I sat alone, I didn’t talk to anyone.

Someone suddenly grabbed my sleeve. After turning around, I saw an older woman. And then I turned back to staring at the window. I thought I was mistaken. No way!

She kept touching me. Then I looked at her again, not realizing what had happened. She screamed all over the bus.

“I wonder how your parents raised you. My old friend has nowhere to sit. And you’re so young; you don’t want to give your place to an elder.”

I didn’t want to argue. I mean, seriously, why are these grandmothers up so early? So, I told her, “You know, I have to get to school, and I paid for the bus fare, so I get to sit. Why are you up so early? You don’t have to work.”

“Oh no, look at her! She is fighting back. Of course, you are right. You wouldn’t have been staring at your phone if you had to figure out how to feed your family as I did my senior year.

A driver and a man stood up for me on their way to work. They said that the girl owes no one anything. Although she did not know me, I was curious about this old lady’s attitude. I was curious about how confidently she spoke about me even though she did not know me. Unfortunately, I had no time to look into this. Old ladies walked to the market when the bus stopped near it.

I was hurt to tears. Didn’t this situation seem like bullying to you? Despite being younger than the older lady, I am not stronger. Additionally, I already paid for travel, unlike her.

There are some badass grandmothers out there. It isn’t fair to treat younger generations that way because they have lived longer. They are sure to live longer than I will. In addition, they’ll feel like queens regardless of the situation, thanks to their arrogance and inflated self-esteem.

How do you feel about my story? You’ve got to follow the rules, right? I am more than happy to accommodate pregnant women or older passengers if they need a seat on the bus. If they ask politely, I’ll do it for sure. When it’s snobby, I ignore it. Rather than bullying the younger generations, older people should also set an excellent example.

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I pay for my bus seat, but I’m not allowed to sit.