I recently married a widow. My adult twin daughters have convinced me that everyone deserves love and happiness no matter their age

When I was 24 years old, I was married to Maria. During my study at university, I discovered my first true love. I was infinitely happy with him. It was a crazy love story. My wife and I had twin daughters.

It was a big surprise for us, and we were pleased about it.

A tragic turn of events struck our family again when the girls were six years old. Their mother had a fatal illness, which resulted in her death.

It fell on my shoulders to raise my daughters, who were entering the first grade of school, when I was left alone with a small child. It took a lot of effort and time because I had to work hard and, at the same time, raise my daughters, who were beginning school.

As I lived with my children, I had no time for my personal life, or I had no time for my interests. In principle, I did not think about this. I felt that love happens only once in an individual’s lifetime.

As a result, I could barely make ends meet with my earned salary. Fortunately, my neighbors and family helped me survive because sometimes they would give the girls clothes and share the necessary supplies for the winter months.

After a while, I became used to it. Years passed in the same way. The girls finished school, received higher education, and got married. Consequently, they moved away from me, and I was left alone again, but I do not regret it.

There is no problem with them; they are raising their children, and my beautiful grandchildren are growing up.

Just over a year ago, I had the opportunity to meet a woman. She was a new sales assistant at my favorite store. While buying products from her, we once talked about life. As it turned out, we had a lot in common.

The next day I met Martha at the market, and we became fast friends. We parted ways after a short discussion. We have seen each other at this market more than once. And each time, he brought us even closer together. I couldn’t leave the market without speaking with her.

I told my daughters about my new acquaintance once when they visited me.

“In the end, fate may have brought you together? A friendship can turn into something more. We know that you deserve to have a loved one beside you. And we know that you deserve to be happy.”

“You are my joy and my grandchildren,” I replied proudly, but I was overwhelmed by the words of my daughters that came to my mind as I answered.

As much as I was afraid of this thought, I had already forgotten what it was like because I had not been in a relationship for over 25 years. But I was attracted to my new acquaintance because she was smart, intelligent, calm, and intelligent. Our communication has continued, and we have already begun dating. We understood that there was more going on than just friendship, but we were afraid to speak about it.

I was scared, but I dared and did it, and I proposed to Martha. She agreed to be my wife. Martha, an intelligent woman, suggested that we begin living together before getting married. This is because people who have lived alone for so long, how many years, have habits that are not always positive and can result in family disagreements.

We discovered that we have quite a bit in common in our habits. Cleanliness, order, convenience, and comfort in our homes are all significant to us, and we are ready to live together. For example, Martha loves to drink coffee in silence in the morning and then take a walk in the park afterward. She said she needed to refresh her thoughts and gather extra strength. And I enjoy reading the news aloud, but I do not enjoy cooking.

Because of Marta’s predictability, there were never any household problems or quarrels when we married and moved in together. Everyone had their own space, which we respected. It was a surprise that we could live together comfortably.

Even though the girls were happy to hear that we were pleased, I am not tired of happiness. This is because I have experienced such feelings for a long time. I don’t know whether this was the true love we all deserved as we grew older.

Many people asked us if we had any regrets and if it was worth making such drastic changes as mature adults at such a young age, and I confidently answered with a smile on my face that it was worth it!


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I recently married a widow. My adult twin daughters have convinced me that everyone deserves love and happiness no matter their age