I think that’s Tiffany. My niece.

There was a knock on my door, and I opened it to find a four-year-old girl standing in the doorway with big tears in her eyes. I immediately realized that she was lost and looking for someone.

Her question was, “Have you ever seen my mother?” she asked.

The office was empty except for myself, so the answer to her question was no. I squatted down next to her. I decided that I was going to help this little girl. “And what does she look like?” I asked.

“Just like me,” the girl replied thoughtfully, playing with her hair. She smiled, “But she’s bigger.” She pointed upward. “Have you ever seen her before?” she asked.

My mind was swirling with what to say and how to help her find an adult when I said, “Well, I…”.

At that time, I looked at her, confused, as she lowered her head and sat down on the steps. She hugged herself and began to sob. I did not know whether or not to embrace her or if I should start comforting her. 

After this, the girl got up and looked at me for a long minute and said, “I miss her very much. I know I will see her one day.” And then she took off towards the park.

Then I realized that I should not have chased someone else’s child because that would be weird. I looked at her trail and saw her run-up to her father and take his hand. Then they left, and I returned to work… Even more confused.

After work, I talked with the office landlord about the child that night. And I still could not forget the child’s tears and the tenderness of her eyes.

Taking my time to formulate my question carefully, I asked him: “What was here before you started renting an office here?”

The landlord answered, “It is an apartment; my brother and his wife lived here for many years until she died of lung cancer a few years ago. We threw everything out, changed the form of ownership, and began leasing the premises as an office. What? You don’t like something?” He asked, a bit terrified.

“Well, everything is fine. Just today, a cute red-haired girl showed up, and I had a chat with her because she was looking for her mother.”

“I guess that’s Tiffany. My niece,” my landlord replied. “If he comes again, you call me, and I’ll pick her up.”

Several months have passed. I have already forgotten about this story. I have also been working hard. And somehow, there was another knock at the door as gently and carefully as before. I opened the door and saw the same girl standing there.

“Have you not seen your mother lately?” she asked again.

I talked to her quietly so she would not go somewhere alone and called the landlord. He said he had just left the city and would contact the girl’s father to pick her up on his way back to the town. The girl leaned on my shoulder and stopped crying. I supported her and even started patting her.

It has always been my dream to have children. Sadly, my husband died in a car accident, and I had a miscarriage when I was expecting my first child. Since then, years have passed, and almost everything that I do and try to dedicate my life to is work. I bought a house, and I invested. But nothing can replace the dreams of the heart.

The girl ran into her father’s arms as soon as he arrived.

“Thank you so much for calling. I appreciate it.” Tears fell from his eyes as he said this. She hugged him, crying and breathing heavily. 

He said, “Sunshine, don’t do that anymore!” 

The daughter just hugged him. The man took her in his arms.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. If she comes back, I will call you.” I replied.

He and his daughter left, and within 10 minutes, they returned with flowers. I felt it was a sign of gratitude for not leaving his daughter alone and ensuring that she was cared for.

The girl shouted, “Dad, let’s go with this lady for ice cream!”. I tried to say no initially, but she pulled hard at my hand, forcing me to give in.

A nearby park had carousels and ice cream, so we went there. The man began to cry, and he couldn’t hold back his tears.

“Do you know?” he asked as he wiped a tear away. “I haven’t seen her so happy in a long time… She misses her mother very much. She…” The words failed to come out.

“I know; your brother told me everything.” I interrupted him quickly since I did not want to make him feel any more pain.

He wiped away his tears, hugged his daughter, and said, “Frankly, it’s sad that so many years have passed, and she still returns to the place where our apartment used to be. I cannot do anything about it.” He closed his eyes and sighed.

They brought me home. The girl’s father thanked me again and gave me his number so that the next time I did, I would call him and not disturb his brother.

I’m going to come back to you!” Cried the happy girl.

“There is no way we can show up to her work just like that. She has a life of her own. It wouldn’t be smart for us to drop by…” he said, “and please don’t go anywhere alone. I’m worried you might get lost.”

As she started to cry again, the girl said, “But I…”. As she leaned on my shoulder once more, I had no choice but to calm her down since she was so upset. “I want a mom. I want to go home. I want everything the way it used to be.”.

After talking for a while, I helped Tiffany’s father explain that her mother is in heaven and that now she is always with her, in her heart. I told Tiffany that it was unnecessary to come to the office and look for her mother. Her mother will no longer be there, since now her mother is always with her, in her heart. After hearing these words, Tiffany began to calm down and said she would not go anywhere without her father.

After Tiffany’s father called me a few days later, he asked if Tiffany and I could go on a date. I was hesitant to go since I was still grieving my husband’s death, but I agreed.

The date was quite pleasant, not what I expected. The man was very classy; we had a lot of fun on our date. Over time, we dated more often; he began to take his daughter on dates because I had become quite close to her.

Tiffany’s father proposed to me a year later, and we started living together. Tiffany has become my daughter, a beloved child I had dreamed about for years. This is how I became a wife to a great man and a mother of a sweet little girl because of one knock on the door.

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I think that’s Tiffany. My niece.