I was kicked out of my own house

In 1995, my father remarried. My stepmother had a 13-year-old daughter, Maria, who refused to live with her and wanted to stay with her father. Ms. Parks agreed, sold her property, and moved in with my father in the house we left from my mom. The stepmother rarely communicated with her daughter. The girl herself did not want that. The stepmother sometimes helped financially and bought gifts for her daughter, but that was all.

I don’t remember having an amicable relationship with her as we didn’t talk much. Ms. Parks never tried to raise me, and she couldn’t have done it since I was already 17 years of age and didn’t want to listen to strangers.

I lived with my parents for about two more years before deciding to marry my classmate. We had to rent an apartment, and I was not allowed to bring my wife to our house in order not to disturb them. My parents said that they would not be able to get along with another person in the same household.

My wife, father, and stepmother did not immediately develop a relationship. But the good news is that Ms. Parks was unwilling to interfere in my personal life.

My parents were not willing to babysit my child. They did occasionally help out, but it was a long time ago. I recently called my dad to pick up my son Alex for the evening. My wife and I had plans, but the father declined, explaining that he was babysitting Ms. Park’s granddaughter.

My stepmother has a daughter who got married two years ago, and she has a daughter.

My father refused my request to take care of our child. I had suspicions and came to visit without notice.

At home, I found neither my father nor Ms. Parks. A crib was in my room, toys were scattered, and lots of baby clothes were in the closet. I called my dad to ask what was going on.

He said, “Maria lives with us. She has hard times. Your stepmother asked, and I allowed it. Didn’t they teach you to warn when you come to visit?”

“Well, I was just visiting you,” I explained.

I was angry. They said they couldn’t live with us because they needed privacy and because they were getting older. So they forced us to rent an apartment, after which we were able to get a mortgage for a small house. My stepmother’s daughter lives with them (and so does her child!), and they don’t need privacy anymore! My step-sister lives in my room with her kid! And they can’t take care of my child! My child is my father’s blood! What sort of attitude is this?

I was shocked when I found out what had happened. My dad then added more fuel to the fire when he came home and started arguing with me in front of Maria.

My father said, “Maria will live here as long as she needs to. This is not discussed.”.

I asked, “What about her father’s house?”

Suddenly, my father screamed, “It’s none of your business.”

It upset me that a stranger was living in my room, and I felt entitled to be told what was going on. And why didn’t they ask me?

The fight was heated. I told my dad everything I thought about it and confronted him with the fact that Maria had to leave or I would come with my family tomorrow. If I didn’t calm down, my father threatened to give Maria his share of the apartment.

I called Ms. Parks and demanded an explanation. She shouted that I shouldn’t meddle in their business and that she had the right to decide who lived in her house.

As my stepmother told me, nothing could be done about this situation except for me not to fight with my dad. Despite this advice, I was at a loss for words. I remembered that my father had just given my room to a stranger.

In the next few days, my father called to see his grandson. Of course, I refused and was asked to care for my stepmother’s granddaughter. He became even more enraged and said he did not want to know me anymore. And all this because I don’t tolerate injustice? For not asking my opinion when a stranger was let into my room?

I thought about selling my apartment and sharing the money. Then Maria called and apologized for the problems she caused between my dad and me. She said she didn’t want that. I think she pretends to be good because she wants to please my father, especially when he is ready to give her his share of the apartment.

How are we going to live in the future? Honestly, I have no idea. I never expected my dad and me to have that kind of relationship. In essence, this is all part of a clever plot devised by Ms. Parks and her daughter in an attempt to take possession of our apartment. However, how can we stop them from doing so? Is there a way for us to sell the apartment? What can we do to move forward?

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I was kicked out of my own house