I will not allow anyone to deceive myself

“I have no change. I’ll give you these vitamins instead.”

“No, please check another cash register.”

I felt like I had just come from another planet when the pharmacist looked at me. This is the first time I’ve seen something like that. Still, I’m not backing down. How can I use vitamins that will sit in the bag for a week or two before I throw them out? It’s perfectly normal for me to take my money.

In small shops, I never take candy instead of change. I buy sweets I choose, not those that the cashier gets from under the counter because they want to give me rather than return my change. 

I won’t let anyone trick me. I always check to make sure it’s fresh when I get stuff. I’ll ask for new things if they’re about to expire. When I’m at the supermarket, I find products at the back of the shelves. Just-delivered products are placed at the back of the frame, and when management desires to sell them more quickly, they put them at the front.

These tricks don’t work for me. I’m a cautious shopper.

I always check the receipt at the checkout since sometimes the discounted products are at regular prices. If they sell me something at a regular price, I won’t leave the store until I get it at the right price. I have nothing to do with employees who didn’t change price tags. Consumers are getting ripped off here. Instead of promoting, they should change their price tags and cancel the promotion. What if I’m coming back tomorrow?

The store’s thoughtfulness ensures a stellar reputation, which leads to a large influx of customers. People don’t want to waste their time clarifying the situation, voiding the purchase, or waiting for a replacement. Although, I believe that companies, employees, and even management should understand that people have their own needs and expectations. If they do not return $1 to the customer, it will not be costly. The disadvantage is that they will repeat the same deceit tomorrow, so these “pennies” will turn into hundreds of deceived customers and thousands of dollars earned by the store or pharmacy in a single day.

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I will not allow anyone to deceive myself