If I showed up to my girlfriend’s funeral, my mom would kick me out

My mom said she would kick me out of the house. Because I am in shock, I wrote this with a lot of emotion. I never expected it.

So let me start at the beginning.

I am a senior in high school. My relationship with my parents has always been positive. I was calm, never made demands, and never caused any problems as a kid. On top of that, I had a perfect girlfriend. Her name was Tailor. Her family wasn’t very wealthy. Even though Tanya’s parents drank a lot, she was a loyal friend.

The two of us have always been together. It was as if we were inseparable. At school and outside of school, we talked all the time. One day a tragedy happened.

Tailor called me on Saturday morning. I was invited along with a few other friends to go to the river with her. I did not want to be there. I had an unpleasant feeling at the time. However, I still agreed; after all, what could go wrong? The weather was gorgeous that day. As a result, we met up and were already there at noon. It was a great day for swimming. The last time I remember Tailor jumping from the shore into the deep sea, I didn’t even notice it. Suddenly I was filled with emotion. Tailor didn’t make it. She drowned. When I think about it, it still gives me the chills. A friend who was always around suddenly left me.

We were then taken from the river by our parents because we could not even move due to the shock of the event. My relatives initially gave me time to leave; they didn’t ask me anything. I returned home immediately but couldn’t sleep for hours. Later, I learned that the funeral would be at noon the next day.

I asked my parents if they wanted to go to my friend’s funeral with me. I was shocked by their response. My parents always thought highly of my friendship with Tailor.

It was the first time my mom cried and scolded me for wanting to attend my friend’s funeral. To add insult to injury, she did not want to attend Tailor’s funeral. Furthermore, my mom complained that Tailor was irresponsible for swimming in the river during that time. In addition, my mother also began insulting me, telling me Tailor came from a terrible family. She also told me there was no reason for me to say goodbye to my friend.

This enraged me. And I said everything I had to say. I said Tailor was the closest person to me, so I shouldn’t miss her funeral. You wouldn’t do it to a friend. My mom said I was still young and didn’t understand much.

I responded firmly that I would still attend my friend’s funeral. But my mom cut me off. Afterward, she told me that I did not need to return home if I left.  My parents told me they’d kick me out of the house if I attended my friend’s funeral.

I then walked to my room and fell asleep. My mom let me down. What’s more terrible than that?

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the funeral. I didn’t want to cause scandal. However, I walked to the cemetery later on. It was my time to say goodbye. Over time, I began to communicate with my mother with caution. She, too, is not a saint. The reasons behind my mother’s behavior are still a mystery to me.

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If I showed up to my girlfriend’s funeral, my mom would kick me out