If it weren’t for luck, my grandmother wouldn’t have known she had a sister.

My grandmother Avery grew up alone in the family. She never knew her father, and her mother worked all the time and did not want a child of her own. Despite these circumstances, she loved the class because she loved playing with children, having exciting lessons, and learning new things. Then one day, her friend Grace approached her and told her that a girl who looked exactly like her, my grandmother, had been transferred to the Math class. At the time, Avery wasn’t paying attention to Grace’s statement.

“There are millions of people in the world. Is it strange that there are a lot of similarities between them?” She asked herself. “In the same way, all humans share some common traits, some more, some less…”

It didn’t take long for her to notice the girl a lot. Their mothers saw each other often, but they never spoke to each other or even greeted them.

“This explains why we aren’t related,” Avery thought to herself, “because even our mothers do not recognize any resemblance.” Sometimes they had a joint physical education class, playing games together, and sometimes they did. It didn’t happen often. 

“That girl’s name was Aurora, and she would have been a good friend if we were in the same class as her,” Avery recalls, “but we very rarely saw each other.”

“My teachers always asked me about Aurora.” Said, my grandmother. “Sometimes, they even approached my mother, but she did not answer anything in particular, but I heard them discussing us with Aurora and saying that we were sisters.”

However, one day, my grandmother’s mother brought Aurora home and said to my grandmother, “Avery, this is your sister, and now she will live with us.”

My grandmother could not comprehend how the incident had taken place, how they had seen each other before, lived in the same city, and attended the same school. However, they did not know they were sisters. How was it possible for their mothers to see each other but not greet them? She found it strange and somewhat suspicious.

As a child, my grandmother didn’t question what her mother told her about Aurora’s mother, and her mother said to her that Naomi had been Aurora’s mother. When Naomi gave birth to twins, she left one in a maternity hospital for adoption. Olivia tried to stop it, but the girls’ mothers wouldn’t listen to her. Olivia took Avery to her house, adopted her, and raised her as her own.

My grandmother’s mom, Olivia, moved on to adopt her sister Aurora about six years later when Naomi found a new husband. The man agreed to marry Naomi as long as she gave up the daughter. And so, that’s how their mother gave up her two daughters for some obscure guy who left her years later.

And mother Olivia found two beautiful children who lived in love and care. Their family was lovely and complete. The two girls were grateful to Olivia for taking them away from Naomi, rescuing them from foster families, and becoming their true mothers.

As my grandmother said, “That’s how the sisters met by pure luck.”

“And what makes it pure luck?” I asked my grandmother.

“Any chance that helps two sisters find their way in this world will be considered lucky,” she replied.

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If it weren’t for luck, my grandmother wouldn’t have known she had a sister.