I’m ashamed of my kid.

I don’t want to go out and meet people who would undoubtedly ask about my son. He works as a grocer, but his wife stays at home and tries hard not to spend too much money.

Sam was always the cool kid at school, always competing in various competitions and contests, and he always won them. His room was filled with rewards for being involved in numerous projects. After completing high school, he went to university to study architecture because he loved to draw, and he became interested in mathematics even at an early age. He went to university on his own, which means a great deal to me. While studying at the university, he did very well, showed up at all events without missing a beat, and played football for the university team when his classmates did not have time to study. He graduated from university, was highly respected by his teachers, and predicted that he would have a successful career in the coming years.

Sam and Olivia got married quickly, so I didn’t meet her. Olivia is a teacher and has two sons. Stephan worked at a grocery store near their house for about a year. Even though he is a penniless man, he does not want to change anything about himself. Before that, he had not worked for nearly nine months. He doesn’t seem ashamed that his children wear old clothes and have never traveled, but his wife can’t go to a salon or buy new clothes no matter how much I talk to him. My son replies that he lived like that, which suited him perfectly.

My friends’ kids go to different clubs, wear new clothes, visit the seas every year, and have been worldwide. Sometimes they take their parents abroad, and my son and his family have never traveled beyond our rural house.

Despite failing many classes, even his childhood friend bought an apartment this year. Recently I saw him in the city on business, and he asked me about Sam. He said he tried to reach him, but he didn’t answer. I did not know how to explain Sam’s poverty situation to him. His clothes are filthy. His wife took him out to a cafe to celebrate the christening of their youngest son.

Sam lives with his kids in a small apartment my father left him. After they settled there, they made cheap repairs, but the plumbing remains old, and the windows are old, letting in air. There is also furniture in the house that dates back to ancient times. Once they got there, they made a new bed and arranged beds for the kids, so everything Sam’s grandmother and grandfather used stayed the same.

They could change a few things, like the wallpaper and the flooring, but they don’t want to replace them because it doesn’t belong to them.

My son searched for easy ways and never relied on himself even though he was very active and purposeful; he predicted a bright future for himself. His life is different from what I imagined, and he’s pleased with it. In my opinion, you must not be cheap when it comes to your own family. I’ve told him that a thousand times. Children and his wife will not thank him for this in the future, but my son does not believe me; he believes that everything is fine.

I am ashamed of Sam because most of my friends are well off, visit other countries, develop, and aren’t frugal; Sam was offended and refused to speak to me.

Does it make sense for a parent to be ashamed of their son, who has nothing and hasn’t accomplished anything? Has the son the right to live as he wants, or is the mother wrong?

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I’m ashamed of my kid.