“I’m too hard on my husband. Now he wants to leave me.”

She told me this when she visited me a few weeks ago. She seemed to mean what she said. However, after sharing her words, she then proceeded to tell me how she and her family were doing.

Sophie has been married to Vance for seven years. She has two kids, ages five and two. Vance and Sophie bought a house. It was spacious and beautiful, but it needed a lot of renovations. They did repairs right before Sophie headed to the maternity hospital. When her leave was up, she learned she was pregnant again.

She could not get a job because of her pregnancy, but Vance feeds the family, and Sophie takes care of the house in the most efficient way. Sophie does everything in her power to keep it clean, cook and play with the children. Her children learn a great deal from her.”

However, there is no doubt that Vance was a righteous man. He worked all the time to support his family. But then things changed. Especially when he met the people at his new job, they were fun and didn’t care about anyone or anything.

Depending on who you hang out with, you get what you get. At first, he came home late because he seemed to want to sit with the boys. Then, he started spending time fishing with his friends and visiting bars.

And Sophie has never left the kids for more than 2-3 hours and has not seen her friends for years. When the kids got sick and Vance wanted to spend time with his friends, Sophie couldn’t stand it any longer. Of course, she did not like it. She never had a weekend because she had to take care of the children. And even in an emergency, her husband could not help her.

Initially, I thought Vance should apologize, but he blamed Sophie because, you know, she doesn’t do anything. He takes care of the family, but Sophie still wants more from him. So, Vance decided to divorce her.

The most tragic thing that happened to Sofia was that she had been alone all the time. It was sad for Sophie that all those wasted years were wasted on her husband. At least she has children who she loves very much.

Although it doesn’t appear that he cared much for what he was doing, it is unlikely that it will change in the future either. This is probably just his personality. Sofia filed for divorce first.

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“I’m too hard on my husband. Now he wants to leave me.”