In class, a boy took off her skirt to make fun of her

I suppose basic moral standards are to be observed, and if that is not the case, who has the power to fine-tune the upbringing of the young? Are we talking about extremes, or are we talking about re-tuning the upbringing of the younger generation? What is your take?

The incident occurred in a regular city school in the middle of the day. The boy ran up and pulled off her skirt after the girl recited a poem in front of the class. Her response was to punch him in his groin. The teacher immediately notified the principal, and she contacted the parents of the two children. It turned out that the girl’s father was a police officer. The school got in touch with him immediately. As soon as he turned in the materials after his shift, he could get to school in an hour and a half.

The principal said the girl had hit a classmate in the groin, and the boy was in the nurse’s clinic. Nothing more than that. The girl’s father was there very quickly. He immediately headed to the principal’s office. Everyone was there: his daughter, boy, teacher, principal.

“I apologize for my daughter’s behavior, and I will have a long and harsh conversation with her. I promise that this will never happen again; I am ashamed. I had a lot of work to do; a minor was detained for petty theft.” The girl’s father said to the principal and his daughter.

However, the teacher interrupted the police officer and began to tell everything from the start. “You know, Vincent ran out and took off your daughter’s skirt in front of the whole class, and then she hit him immediately, and he sat down on the floor and started screaming.”

The police officer got pissed off and replied, “Oh, if that’s the case. How do you think I’ll behave in this situation? Will there be public about this, and will there be repercussions?”

Both the principal and the teacher were sweating. 

There wasn’t any expectation of it, then the principal said, “Let’s not exaggerate things here! You and I are grown-ups, not young thugs.”

Due to the aggressive response of the girl’s father, the teacher decided to speak with his daughter.

However, she started with, “Yes, it’s unfair. He humiliated me in front of the class! You stood aside; what was I to do then? What-oh-oh?”

After that, the father replied, “If you’re okay with it, I’ll take off your skirt; what’s up? Everything will be fine!”

“What do you allow yourself?” The principal was shocked. She continued angrily, looking at the children and their parents with confidence, “But you don’t understand it is not right for a girl to fight? Especially hitting a young man in the groin area is inhumane.”

The young lady asked, “What do you mean when you say that?”

She defended herself at the time. She is not guilty in any way. Had he not stripped off her skirt, it wouldn’t have happened. And you were quiet and didn’t say anything.” The girl’s father said.

“I don’t understand this. She didn’t run up to him and hit him in the balls out of the blue. She defended herself and her virtue. How long will this nonsense last?” The girl’s father looked at everyone and explained this in terms of morality and law.

“That’s enough for me. We won’t tolerate this nonsense! I’m sure the education department will be interested in what’s happening here and shocked at the whole thing.” The girl’s father continued.

“I can lock him in a pre-trial detention center, but let’s see how he does in jail. And let me tell you that he won’t be alone in jail. Luckily, now I know who is right and who isn’t.”

It’s up to you to protect your kid; don’t leave it to anyone else!

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In class, a boy took off her skirt to make fun of her