In the end, the girl lost the job she had been striving for

As we progress in life, there are times when we feel that some of the challenges, we face in our lives are unavoidable. However, we can often see how new opportunities arise when overcoming difficulties. Indeed, after the darkness of life comes the light.

I remember my girlfriend’s story. I saw her recently, and I wanted to go to a café with her. We wanted to have coffee and talk about life.

That’s how she started her story. In her no-nonsense way, she said she was eager for a promotion at work. She has been working there for a long time and has done all her duties. She was happy. She accepted the promotion because her dream was to have her own house after 25 years.

“Therefore, it was necessary for me to achieve the promotion to survive. All I wanted was to establish a successful career to gain my parents’ attention.” She explained.

As a result, Maria worked without any breaks, weekends, or holidays, worked on projects, and searched for clients. Everything worked fine. She performed above and beyond the department’s goals, as noted by the department chief. The most critical work was entrusted to her alone. She even learned the department chief plans on going on maternity leave soon.

Mary, of course, took the role as her own with no hesitation. No one else at the company worked as hard as she did.

Therefore, she eagerly awaited when the department chief would call her to her office and offer to give her a new position that she so desired.

It is unfortunate, but things did not go the way they should have. The boss sent the girl over, and the company is now closed due to quarantine. Maria, unfortunately, lost her job.

She thought it was over. The whole world seemed to have disappeared from under her feet. At one point, she had no idea what she was trying to achieve or what she wanted to accomplish.

“I even thought of taking my own life. Otherwise, I could never afford the apartment, and I wouldn’t know where I would live,” Maria cried.

The phone call reached Maria at a time when she was utterly depressed.

A group of prominent business owners wanted to open a branch office in her city, and Mary was asked to take charge of the project.

The changes she has made to her career have undoubtedly been successful. As it turned out, her salary and position were even better than she had expected.

Nothing worthwhile would happen if you didn’t have something terrible.

There is a lot of happiness in my friend’s life. If I’m not mistaken, remember that the future holds many promises. The way it unfolds will depend entirely on you.

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In the end, the girl lost the job she had been striving for