Irene’s family couldn’t recognize her when she returned home with her son

Since my school days, I have only been in contact with two classmates, Olivia and Irene, through Facebook and email. Irene has been abroad for several years, so we have only communicated via Facebook and email. But from time to time, we try to meet Irene for coffee. But in the last few months, she has disappeared from view. I have not returned calls; I have only replied to messages.

Upon entering the mall, I saw Irene with a stroller. In Irene’s case, the news is both wonderful and shocking. We, those closest to her, knew that she could only dream of pregnancy due to health issues. But here it is. If it is true, Irene is blessed with a handsome son.

It was great to see Irene, so we headed to a coffee shop to chat. She didn’t seem as energetic and joyful as she usually is. But I figured it was just the stress of children and sleepless nights. But then she said something that just stunned me.

In the end, Irene had adopted her child, Max. The adoption occurred upon Irene’s disappearance from the city. A story was written about Irene’s pregnancy and the need for climate change for all of her friends and acquaintances. This was done to protect the child in the future from ridicule and bullying. The decision to adopt was discussed with Irene’s parents and her husband. They all understood each other perfectly, but everything changed beyond recognition when Irene returned home with her dream child.

Her husband, with whom they decided to take the child from the orphanage, began to disappear from work. Whether he had a new project or an unexpected business trip, there was always an excuse for him not to be at home.

Irene was in despair, but she kept hoping that he would change his mind. Her in-laws had supported Irene before the adoption but stopped visiting the child afterward. There were no talks about spending time with him or taking him out in a stroller. And lately, her husband has been staying with his parents since he works every night. He cannot relax at home.

She finally said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do it. Only now did I realize that the adoption idea didn’t work. ”

Irene’s last hope was that her mother would step in and help. At first, her mom did a little shopping and some chores. However, when Irene asked her mom to take care of Max, her mom said she was afraid of doing something wrong. Even if Irene tried to find excuses for her husband and his family, she had no way to defend her mother.

As an alternative, Irene’s mom tried to start a conversation about the child. All of the arguments were that the child’s parents were unknown. And if they were drug addicts or alcoholics, there could be mental problems. She said her son would grow up with a problematic attitude and possibly even anger issues. Then what? God forbid, what should she do? And most unfortunate of all, it’s not too late; she offered to give the child back.

My girlfriend, Irene, is in a complicated situation. She cried for more than one night, not understanding why her family behaved so crazily. However, she is confident that soon their minds will begin to change, and they will be united as a friendly family again. In the meantime, Irene tries to find joy in her son’s achievements and capture everything in photographs. She anticipates the day when her family will join her in celebrating her success.

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Irene’s family couldn’t recognize her when she returned home with her son