It was too early; now it’s too late

His mother raised my best friend, Andrew. He had no one left; his father had left, and his grandparents had already passed away. He was well taken care of by his mother, Mrs. Green, who worked.

A friend of his mother’s called him while we walked one day. She couldn’t get into Mrs. Green’s house, and she didn’t answer her knock. Andrew became pale, and we rushed to his house immediately.

To him, his mom was everything. She raised him to be kind, honest, and fair, sent him to a good university, and got a good job. Andrew never failed to support his mom.

Unfortunately, we were right. His mother passed away from a heart attack. He rented an apartment. He didn’t want to speak to anyone about it. However, our friendly relationship has been restored in just a few months. They have started talking to each other again.

One day, I offered to take Andrew to his mother’s house. It would have been impossible to leave him at such a difficult time. Despite being depressed, he was surprisingly calm about it. Nothing seemed to bother him.

He looked in the cabinet where mom keeps Christmas cooking pots. There were lots of old things in there. His mother kept all of her old souvenirs and never threw them away. His mom was the family keeper. People like that are tough to find nowadays.

She had a lot of dresses in her closet. She was a real lady in her own right. Until recently, she worked at the library and enjoyed reading. She wore stylish dresses and matching rings and earrings. The way she wore her hair up made her look like a stunning princess.

Andrew looked at all these things and inhaled the smell, which, ironically, lingered in his mother’s house. Because he wanted more space, he emptied drawers and shelves and put everything into a box. Because everything in the closet reminded him of his mother, he reflected deeply on everything he found.

After collecting most things, I pointed to a friend’s box, which I suddenly noticed. Andrew had never seen it before. Andrew opened the wooden box to find many letters and documents inside. The letters were signed “Your Joh.”

As expected, my friend did not immediately open them. In his mind, he wondered if he was entitled to read his mother’s letters. His mother never mentioned it. But curiosity still prevailed.

As it turned out, these letters were written by Andrew’s father. As it turned out, Andrew’s father had passed away. When Andrew’s father wrote his letter four years ago, he said goodbye to his family.

He expressed his love for his mother and son and regretted his absence in the letter. After getting diagnosed with a severe illness, he was treated in Europe. He was paralyzed, so he dictated these letters to a friend. Andrea’s mother could not follow him; she worked and cared for a small child.

Andrew was shocked when he learned all this. Trying to be a responsible father is challenging enough. To have a father was not always in his dreams. Even though he knew all this, he couldn’t comprehend one thing: why was his mother silent during all this time? Why did she not tell him that story?

Perhaps she waited for the right moment. This happens to most people from time to time in their lives. We usually wait for a specific “tomorrow” and do not even consider that it may not take place. Andrew’s mother thought it was too early to let things get serious. Well, it is too late now!

That is why it is so critical to living in the present. There is truth to the saying ‘Better a poor horse than no horse. This is what life is all about. We must accept and live in this important time between ‘early’ and ‘late’ to get the most out of it.

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It was too early; now it’s too late