It’s my fault since she doesn’t work or do housework

I want to change my life for the better. Let me start by mentioning that my wife and I met at university when she got into the wrong class. We have been together for 12 years, and we have been married for eight years. We have three children: the eldest son and twin daughters.

My wife lost her job a year ago as a manager in a large and famous company. She was a department head and was making plenty of money. Now she doesn’t even plan to look for a job. She deserved it, she said, and she would only consider positions where she would be offered leadership. We have loans, and I cannot pay them by myself.

Her job offers after several interviews at this time were viable, but she was not allowed to lead. She wants to be a director, but she is ashamed to accept a lower position. But she isn’t ashamed to live life to the fullest and spend the family budget on beauty salons and spas.

In addition to paying bills, buying groceries, and providing for my wife and children, I have two car loans, one for me and one for my wife. I also pay the mortgage and all utility bills and food. My mortgage is probably one of my most significant expenses at this time.

Nevertheless, the wife does not want to work and does not even do the basic housework. She seldom cooks, orders pizza for dinner, or eats out in restaurants; besides, I have difficulty finding socks in the morning and dust on the furniture. Also, it is more interesting for the wife to go to spas, drink coffee, and gossip.

Whenever I bring up the subject, she says that I don’t love her and want to enslave her. But the most annoying thing is that she is constantly asking me for money.

Despite being a man, I find it challenging to earn money and take care of household chores.

It was never in my plans to marry a lazy woman since I did not want to put up with it for the rest of my life. Today I decided to have a serious discussion about it. Either she will change her behavior, or we will be ending our relationship.

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It’s my fault since she doesn’t work or do housework