It’s over; we’re done

After one incident, our lives dramatically changed. I could not stand my husband’s behavior. I packed my suitcase when I was pregnant and ordered a taxi to head to my parents. A few days after, I filed for divorce.

There was a time when my husband considered me his maid. He treated me like an employee in the house. His mom was happy because my son ate and slept a lot, and I cared for him.

Until we got married, our family life was beautiful. Both my husband and I were happy to help one another. However, when we got married, the whole dynamic of our family life changed. I am not a conflicted person, but my husband Bob is entirely different. He became a psychological abuser who gave me instruction after instruction and constantly listened to his mother, who praised him.

Bob might not like my meal so he could throw it out with the garbage. That would be a big deal for me. I thought that I would change his attitude once I was pregnant, and he would start appreciating me and caring for me. However, that did not happen. After telling him that we were expecting a baby, he did not seem very happy about it.

The quarrels we had become a part of our daily routine. This scared me more and more as time went by. By the time our meal came around, I had run out of patience.

After Bob came home from work, he waited for dinner to be served. NOTHING WAS ON THE TABLE because I felt nauseated due to the pregnancy. I don’t think he cared about how I felt. He started yelling at me, accusing me of being lazy and failing to do my job correctly.

Due to this, I could no longer deal with such attitudes. I have my self-esteem, which prevented me from tolerating him in my life.

In a rush to get up, gather my belongings, and say goodbye to him, I quickly told him: “I have had it with you. You treat me like a doormat! I am a woman! You will not treat me that way! This is the end! I am getting a divorce! You will never see me again!”

The last straw was when I got into the taxi and escaped from the apartment. I took my things and ran out. Bob was standing there; he wanted to run after me, so I did not allow him to do so. I got back into the cab and escaped. It was the last straw, so I did not want to live with him anymore.

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It’s over; we’re done