It’s time for us to meet

Look, everything will be fine!  Let’s move in with me for a start, my parents are fine, they won’t mind, we’re all grown-ups!

We gathered and went to meet my parents, they were already waiting for us there.  I was sure they would like Sam, he was a nice boy.

The door was opened by my father,.

Good morning, young people!  Father said.

-Hi, Dad, meet my Sam we want to live together.

-Good morning! Sam shook his father’s hand.

-Hello boy, you have a strong hand!

-Let’s go to the living room, my mom has surely laid the table, she has been cooking all day, so come quickly.  And I will tell her to prepare suitcases for clothes.

-Where are you going?  Dad, what suitcases?  We want to live together!  Surprised, Alberta looked at her father.

-Yes, great, we are happy, you are already adults, we expected to hear such a decision one day. I’ll take the suitcases from the storage compartment, because how do you want to take your clothes?  In packages?

-Come on, dad, I don’t understand, why are you kicking us out?

-How did you want my daughter to move in?  After all, we will not all live together.  You are young, as I understand it, you are planning to start a family, so you have thought about how and where you will live.  And most importantly, you can support yourself.  I am happy because I have been waiting for this for a long time, and my wife will be happy too.  How lucky we have such smart children!

Only there is such a situation. Dad, we thought that we would live with you, that we would move here.

-Hmm, my daughter, I think that we old ones, will disturb you.  Sam will feel awkward. You won’t be able to spend time alone or even argue.  We will get in your way.  We’ll argue later and we won’t even know why.  I love you, little girl, and I don’t want to throw you both out the door, so you’d better solve this problem now.

-“You’re right,” said Sam.

-Thank you son, I knew you were grown up and you understood me well.  Alberta’s mother and I started our journey alone, and it only brought us closer to each other. This is what we wish for you, dear children!

“Dad, it’s all true of course, but where are we going to go.”  Sam lives in Germany, he has no apartment here, his parents have died a long time ago.  We do not want to rent a apartment because we will never put it aside for our own.

Wait, Alberta, if you decided to take such a serious step, you had to think about the future.  We can’t support your family, nobody helped your mom and me, but somehow we made it.  I worked hard, so did your mom, we both graduated from college.  Everything is in your hands!

-Thank you, Dad, for the beautiful story, I understand.

-Well, let’s go to the table, mom still baked a cake, and we didn’t try anything.  Sit down, I’ll take the suitcases off later, because you’ll admit that the bags aren’t very solid, right?

-Dad, you don’t need these suitcases, the next time we come to you. Thank you.

Alberta took Sam hand and they ran out of the apartment.  She was crying and she didn’t know what to do, the boy tried to calm her down, but the girl protested.  Father heard their argument through the door, but he didn’t disturb them, it was already late.  Sam realized that he had no choice but to leave …

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It’s time for us to meet