John and Mia

-John, you won’t do this to me!  I love you!

-Ava, if you loved me then you would not betray me.

-I didn’t do it, you got it wrong!  I’m pregnant!  Pregnant with you!

-Enough!  Do not touch me!  – said John and left.

The dormitory was shared, boys and girls lived in it.  Ava used to visit her friend Marta, and then they moved in together, although they studied at other faculties.  Ava in philology and Marta in law.

Gradually more and more friends appeared, Ava is very open.  Different than Marta, although they are only three years apart.  Marta is ordinary, boring and uninteresting.  The guys weren’t hitting on her.  In turn, Ava is a girl with character.  Well-dressed, coquette, well-liked.

Ana and John‘s romance began quickly, both of them happy, young. They looked great together. She is a brunette with a beautiful dark complexion, he is an athletic blonde with blue eyes.

Everyone thought they would be together forever.  It was the perfect couple.  They seemed to fit perfectly together.

The love quickly passed as soon as John noticed Ava was flirting with his brother.  Nothing like that, but he left immediately.  Ava realized she was pregnant.  All this time they lived separately.  When he met her with a visible belly, he treated  her with distance.

A girl was born.  It was clear that she was John’s daughter.  They named her Mia.  Ava raised her with Marta.  One was working, the other was with the child, taking turns.

The girl quickly grew out of diapers, ran around the yard, and often caught John’s eyes.

One day he had a little drink and came to Ava to talk:

-You knew that everything was over between us?  You couldn’t terminate this pregnancy?

-You know, one thing is over, but when I gave birth, a new life began for me!  Do you still think Mia is not your daughter?

-No. Okay, forgive me said John and left.

The next day he knocked on the door with a bouquet of flowers and toys in his hands.  Marta told her friend to throw the boy away and not come back to him.

After what he did!  If he has left you once, it will be the second time!  – argued Marta.

-But Ava forgave him, how else?  He is the child’s father and she really loved him.  Six months later they got married. Soon after, Ava and John had a son.  They were a loving family.

-Dear, but we will not call our son John anymore!  – he smiled.

-You know that this is your son, you can choose his name yourself!

Ana did the right thing by not listening to her friend.  You must find the strength to forgive and obey your heart, or you will not build a happy life.  Anyone can be wrong sometimes.

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