Kenneth lives in the capital, earning a lot of money, while I live on the farm with my family and my mother.

We both grew up in the same conditions in the village, and both of us grazed cows, chased chickens in the backyard, ran barefoot, and swam in the pond. But my brother always wanted a life in the city, whereas I wanted to stay on our farm and enjoy it to its fullest extent.

I’m younger than him, so he first finished high school and attended college in a town not far from our farm. When I was younger, I helped my parents with household chores and even studied at school. Eventually, I fell in love and decided to get married while my brother was studying in a big city.

In fact, Kenneth came home once in a while and helped me; for instance, one day, our father wanted to build a garage, so Kenneth worked hard to make his father’s dream come true. However, later, when he got the offer of a job at his dream job (as he said), Kenneth chose to relocate to the capital. Four years have passed since then, and Kenneth has visited his parents three times. Our father died, and my mother was left alone.

I hoped my brother would still want to help us financially because my wife and I cared for our mother. Even if Kenneth cannot come, he would send money to him to help us support her. Since there is not much farm work, we hoped my brother would still want to support us. Regardless of whether or not Kenneth comes, I think it would be reasonable if he transferred us some money.

However, my brother constantly changes the topic when I tell him about it. This happens because he does not have much money to spend on others. It is easier to do that with a mobile phone conversation than face to face. The brother claims he cannot help as he has paid off his debt and bought himself a car. Still, I know that his salary is very high, and his girlfriend Sam is entirely independent financially. She makes 12 times as much as I do living on the farm, so my brother does not spend money on anyone but himself.

As for me, I am not quite sure what to do with it. My mother and wife are in desperate need of money, and my brother, being cheap, constantly mentions that he does not have any money. What should I do? How do I explain to my brother that he should help his family and support them during this difficult time? Because I do not have the strength to listen to endless stories about how he is saving now or how he will bring the money once he has extra?

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Kenneth lives in the capital, earning a lot of money, while I live on the farm with my family and my mother.