Let someone else have kids for you because I’ve got plans

Women seem to have maternal instincts while these men are colder and indifferent. So they should be less critical in the family. But sometimes, it’s the other way around.

Vincent is 26 years old. He recently met the girl of his dreams. Ingrid was attractive, graceful, and looked like a model, not just an ordinary girl. He proposed, and they married. The apartment was purchased with a mortgage. 

They managed to find such an option for living in the dream apartment and paying simultaneously. It was much cheaper than renting.

They lived as soul mates for the first time, as they say. Ingrid had a small salon, so she spent almost all of her time at home, but she had a small income she said was sufficient for her needs.

However, Vincent had to work hard to pay for their apartment mortgage and utilities, and Ingrid would ask for pocket money from time to time.

It could be said that Ingrid lived better than anyone completely sheltered. However, Vincent kept looking at families in the park walking with children, and he wanted a child.

At the gathering, a topic about parenting was discussed among their friends. 

Afterward, Inna snorted at her friends, “I cannot spend my life like that. What’s the point? You only ruin your figure and raise monsters. And then you don’t get enough sleep, and you walk around with dark circles under your eyes. It is truly horrific.”

This was not what Vincent was expecting. He did not believe what he was hearing. Ingrid never even asked him what he thought. She never even looked at him when she told his friends how difficult it is to have children. He dreamed of one day having a family of his own.

When the guests parted, Vincent decided to discuss it. He gently let her know he thought differently than she did. Ingrid, however, started sparring with Vincent. She said he doesn’t value her, doesn’t care about her, and wants to put her down every time she expresses her opinion.

Vincent was shocked. How could he have not noticed this in his wife before? Maybe love is blind. And as it is. No one can change anything, and no one will turn back the clock.

Ingrid and her husband divorced. Both parties agreed that the divorce would be better for everyone. She is now married and lives the life she wanted. Her new husband does not want children, either. They enjoy each other’s company.

Vincent and his new wife have three children. They have twins, Alex and Olivia, and a one-month-old girl named Alice. Everything is going smoothly for both parents and children.

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Let someone else have kids for you because I’ve got plans