“Mom, I found a lady in my closet,” he said.

We were very close. He always waited for me at the end of the day with a book in his hands. He told me about his day at kindergarten, what friends he had, what he did after school, and things.

There were times I let my son watch cartoons. Not often, but when he asked me to, I couldn’t say no to those light blue eyes that so tearfully begged me for one series of Peppa Pig.

I’ve been asked to tell stories about us, exciting life stories.

I wrote a lot of stuff in school, so I had no problem with my imagination.

We all have a closet at home where we store our belongings. Here is where the fairy lives, the fairy who protects us all and sends us happy dreams. During the day, you will not see her; she disappears during the night to gain strength and watch over your sleep. Her kind heart and affection for you make her an extraordinary person. There was no concern about who the fairy would live with in the future. During this time, she was only around virtuous, pure-hearted people who behaved well and helped everyone they asked for help. Thus, people began to dream big and not be afraid of anything in the world.”

When my son believed, he drifted off to sleep peacefully, and he didn’t want anything.

As we gathered around the table for breakfast in the morning, my husband was still cooking scrambled eggs and toast. I, on the other hand, arranged the table. I saw my son trying to catch the rays out the window since it was so sunny.

Suddenly, our son said, “Mom and I have a young lady in the closet at night!”

My husband sweated, couldn’t understand what was going on, and turned to look at me. I began to laugh out loud and embraced my son. I made him realize that it was probably just a joke or something he had dreamed of.

I told my son my story at dinner a few days ago.

P.S. I want to add.

Why didn’t you say it was just a moth living in the closet?

The fairy tale I wrote for my son was like this because he’s afraid of insects. I couldn’t use a moth, so I made up an ordinary fairy.

The fairy lives in the closet because he has a cat under the bed in his bedroom.

I will admit in secret that my son loved listening to my tales because they are different from others. Moreover, he liked watching cartoons about fairies, princesses, and similar things. My son always talks about a fairy that lives in his closet. He knows now that she comes to him because he is kind and behaves well. For me, the most important thing is that my son is happy. He asks me to listen to something new when it comes to fairy tales, even though this one has become his favorite.

My husband and I often discussed this fairy tale at home and laughed.

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“Mom, I found a lady in my closet,” he said.