Mom ruined our Italian furniture by helping.

The other day, my mother stopped by to visit. My husband told me I had to choose between her and him. He said that he would not allow her to call us again. Although I believe he is exaggerating a little bit. So that’s how the story goes.

It has been one year since I have been on maternity leave. You can imagine how hard it was for me to care for myself while caring for my twins. Everything collapsed around me, and most of the time, I was unable to eat or take a shower. Instead of hiring a babysitter, I decided to call my mother, who lives in the country. She offered to watch the twins while I took care of myself.

We had a smooth start to our new life. There was someone to watch the children while I took a bath and dried my hair in peace. I had time to dye my hair and do my nails. I had a proper breakfast. I couldn’t tell you how messy things were at home! Of course, cleaning was of higher quality before the children were born, and there was nobody to make a mess before the children were born.

My mother suggested that I take my kids to the park, even if it was only for a couple of hours. She said she would do deep cleaning in exchange. I accepted without hesitation. I’m not too fond of it when people change things at home without my permission. However, this was a different situation where we needed to make the house look updated and bright.

We enjoyed our visit to SeaWorld, where we saw a lot of animals and enjoyed the rides. My twins experienced their first roller coaster, complete with slides on which they slid fast; they also enjoyed plenty of whirls, twirls, and splashes. We would all remember the experience for a long time. We snapped lots of pictures. The kids left comforted after their trip.

My mother met us when we arrived home. The apartment smelled so fresh! I was so delighted. As I walked into the hall, I saw that our dark oak Italian furniture had been stained white. My mother chose not to use chemicals, using natural cleaning products. I almost fainted that day because we had spent so much money on that furniture.

As soon as my husband returned from work in the evening, he did not like what happened. He was so furious, shouting at my mother, that I was terrified because I had never seen him behave that way before. I certainly did not protect my mother. She had time to think before doing anything.

However, I interrupted him at some point because it was kind of out of character for him to talk badly about my mom. Even though it wasn’t on purpose, I still thought it was too much. Of course, my mother was trying to help us out as much as possible, so the house looked so clean, except for the most expensive furniture! She didn’t do it on purpose, but she could not have anticipated what it would be like with that expensive piece.

At night, my husband told my mom to start packing right away. He explained that we didn’t need such help. I realized that my husband’s actions were too harsh. My mom gathered her stuff and left soon after. I spoke to my husband again about the issue. It struck me as unfair to use such harsh words against my mother. However, he said that no more helpers would be allowed in the house.

I tried calling my mother several times, but she didn’t always pick up the phone. From the sound of her voice, I heard that she wasn’t happy at the moment. What is the most appropriate course for me to take? I’m stuck between two frying pans right now.

From now on, I am doing everything by myself. Whatever it takes, no more scandals, no matter how I do it.

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Mom ruined our Italian furniture by helping.