Mom, tell them they’re all lying

I was in tears and didn’t understand what was going on. It’s hard to believe I was sitting in my friend’s company 20 minutes ago, but I’m alone in bed now and can’t talk to anyone? The only real friends I have are Nathan and Vanessa. They’re the ones I can confide in and have fun and good times with.

But this time, when we were staying at Nathan’s house, his parents told me their daughter didn’t need a friend like me. I didn’t understand why, because we’d been talking for so long, and now I hear such words from her parents. But, as it turned out, it was all because of my mother.

Despite my mother reaching out to pat me on the back, I didn’t want to see or hear her. All of my close friends who were next to me turned away from me because, in the eyes of their parents, my mother was an alcoholic. However, I didn’t want to believe it: it was just a lie.

She was very upset about the situation, so she decided to tell me what had happened.

“We were all young then,” she began. I liked to hang out with friends, meet boys, go out at night, drink alcohol, and have bright makeup. At the time, this was trendy, but decent girls did not wear bright makeup or clothes. Nonetheless, I wanted to dress well and look stylish, and I got everything I wished for. I had a lot of friends in the past, but we eventually split up. Some moved to another city; some started families; I didn’t. Some odd people became my friends; good drinks were replaced by vodka. In my youth, I wanted to party. No matter what my friends thought, I loved that stuff. I had a lot of guys. Thanks to my strength, I realized what I needed to do.”

My mother said, “I realized that everything was terrible at one point when I had to run away from the guys from ‘my’ company. I imagined what they wanted to do with me, but I escaped. I ran to the restroom at the bar and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw bruises under my eyes, smudged makeup, untidy hair, and dirty clothes.”.

“I eventually decided,” my mom explained, “that this was the last time and that I could not carry on like that; I would have to start over. I watched so many lives being ruined by alcohol.”

My mom continued, “After a complete medical treatment at the clinic, I realized I had a new life. This gave me a whole bunch of motivation to get back on track. I started looking for a job. I was drinking and partying and didn’t study much all this time. This led to me getting a janitor job.”

“I didn’t succeed for a long time because I lived in the city, and everyone knew me. I almost failed a few times,” said my mom, “but you were the only thing that changed my life. While pregnant with you, I had to remain healthy. I couldn’t drink or smoke. Eventually, I got a good job, and things gradually improved.”

My mother looked tired from her memories. She said: “Now everything looks good. You never saw me drunk; you have love and means. We managed, and everything is fine, but some people don’t like it. They have decided to blame you for all my sins, and it isn’t fair.”

“Daughter, I am ashamed of my actions in the past. You don’t have to take responsibility for what I did when I was young. And I am sorry that there are people out there who want you and me to suffer. Maybe it’s just human envy that I got out of a hell that sucked me in more and more each day.”

“I am glad I had you in my life at one point because you gave me even more incentive to live and change. You are my lucky amulet, and I am sorry that this has already happened.” I looked at her, not sure what to say. “You gave me even more motivation to live and change.”

Fortunately, my friends proved to be trustworthy. They apologized for not stepping in for my mother and me immediately. All of my friends felt guilty about what their parents told us. We all agreed that we shouldn’t be held responsible for what our parents did in the past. It’s wise to build your honor and good name when you’re young because you’re old.

I hope our friendship lasts over the years, and I hope we’ll remember these stories in years to come.

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Mom, tell them they’re all lying