Morning.  An accident outside the window

It turned out that my sister lived next to us and her daughter became friends with our daughter. The girl was very lively and restless, she often visited us.  I had the impression that she was at our house more than at home, she ate, played, told some news.

Sister had no consideration, she could come in the morning or late in the evening.  It irritated me terribly, we don’t expect visitors at such times.  My sister and I weren’t very close friends, but sometimes she might drop by for tea.

It was early morning, we were all still asleep, the house was silent and suddenly there was a noise outside the window.  The husband jumped up from the bed and looked out the window, and my sister was standing there. I don’t understand how she could be so smart to show up so early and knock on the window, not the door.  (She could have texted on WhatsApp, we sometimes correspond there.)

I’m already scared, maybe she’s sick or something.  The husband opens the door and she pushes him away, bursts in and goes straight to our daughter’s room, pulls her out of bed and starts screaming, “Oh, you little viper!”  The husband rushed after her, I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do, my daughter started crying, she got scared.

It turned out that our daughters were caught smoking at school.  I understand it’s terrible, I was angry when I found out, but that still doesn’t explain why she came in the morning and acted that way.  On top of that, she blamed my daughter for everything, saying that she had brought cigarettes and made her daughter smoke.  Still dazed, I asked:

Listen, lady, how old is your daughter?

He says: sixteen and my thirteen, and you will tell me that my daughter, who is younger than yours, forced yours to smoke?

– I don’t understand why you came here so early and started this row, I’ll take care of my baby myself.

Her reaction was unheard of:

– But my neighbors and people in general say that your boyfriends are already going out, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

I realized it had gone too far.

– Let them sleep together where they were caught.

But I was just wondering how to get my sister out of the house. I settled the matter with my daughter. I gave the girls brooms and ordered them to clean up where they messed up, they would learn a lesson from this situation. The result is this: my sister and I hardly talk to each other anymore, I keep her a little further from my family now, sometimes relatives will cause more trouble than the closest ones.  Once we heard a noise outside the window again, the daughter ran into the room: “Oh no, maybe it’s her again!”  But it was just the neighbor’s dog.

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Morning.  An accident outside the window