Mother-in-law needs to tell us about her visit!

In addition to my mother-in-law’s frequent visits, she comes to our house whenever she wants without letting us know.

I bathed my son at 9 pm on a Monday since my wife worked long hours, and I quickly put him to bed because otherwise, he would not let us sleep. There would be screaming in the house all night.

I have already told my mother-in-law a hundred times that she should not visit us at this hour, but she still seems to have fallen into the arms of the devil.

“The time was just right for me to walk the dog,” my mother-in-law explained.

During her visit, she spent about 30 minutes with us. The only thing she did was disturb Oliver’s sleep. My wife and I listened to Oliver’s cries all night long.

How do I approach her? How can I communicate with her?

This was the usual routine I went through every evening; we were getting ready to take a bath together. We did everything together until a knock on the door interrupted everything. The knock came from my mother-in-law, who was right outside the door at precisely 9 PM.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was just furious. Could it be that she was trying to test my patience? Was she trying to bother Oliver late at night for a reason? I didn’t even know why she was bothering him.

However, I let go of the situation and invited her to come in so that she could see the baby.

I decided to give a lesson to my mother-in-law.

I told her I had to leave for work as soon as possible. “Ms. Gate, I am delighted that you have decided to come to visit us. I will have to go to the office because I have important documents to deliver. It is a matter of life and death. Please take care of the baby,” I told her.

It didn’t take me long to get dressed, give her Oliver, and leave, pretending to be in a hurry.

“So, how far is your job?” My mother-in-law was intrigued.

I replied, “Yes, I know it is, but I hope the traffic won’t be bad, so I’ll run.”

It was quite a delight to come home after three hours. When I got there, the little one was quietly sleeping with several empty bottles of formula nearby and a bag of toys next to him.

In the apartment, it was as if a tornado had visited us and scattered everything the child owned all over the place.

My mother-in-law hit the hay sitting on her couch, rocking the bed. She did not appear very well. I hope she draws the necessary conclusions from this lesson.

Regardless of how it turned out, my mother-in-law made a habit of calling and coming to us on time after this incident.

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Mother-in-law needs to tell us about her visit!