My daughter-in-law says I didn’t raise my son right. Now what?

My husband of 58 years passed away suddenly. He had cancer. Nevertheless, I had to hold on to my son Alex. We gave him a high-quality education. Soon he found a prestigious, well-paying job. Several months later, he introduced me to his girlfriend, Abigail. I was thrilled. It seemed as though my son was doing well.

My first impression of the girl was that she was neat and educated. Abigail was taking care of herself. I asked what she was doing, but it didn’t make sense. Her schedule seemed complete, but she wasn’t doing anything. However, I liked his girlfriend. Later on, after the wedding, I was able to get to know her better. Despite being lazy and selfish, she was able to teach people what is acceptable and what is not. Nothing made her happy.

Additionally, Abigail never took care of the house. I visited them on several occasions. We also cleaned a little bit. While I was cleaning, she sat on the phone and didn’t offer to help. Later, I decided to let them live with me to save money on rent. Oh yeah, it is my house, so I had to do the cleaning here.

I wouldn’t have complained anyway.

Unfortunately, several months after my son’s wedding, I had a severe case of back pain. The doctor advised me I should never get up from the bed and be careful not to bend over while I am up. And the house was piled with dirty clothes, and everything was disorganized. My son Alex told his wife, “Mom can’t clean right now, so you should help her a few times.”

It has never happened to me before. The situation escalated dramatically when Abigail said that I had raised my son badly. This offended me so much. We both devoted a lot of time and effort to him, and both of us put our souls into making him the finest he could be. She is the first person to have said that to me.

Although I think my son made a mistake marrying his wife, what business do I have with them? It’s hard to talk to my daughter-in-law now. I keep thinking about her words.

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My daughter-in-law says I didn’t raise my son right. Now what?