My daughter wanted to get married but didn’t make it.

My daughter, the only child I have ever had, now has a boyfriend. She says he doesn’t think he could live without him and wants to live with him. Suddenly, it happened just like that.

“Well, love is perfect. But you’re not planning to live in my house? And when are you planning a wedding? Already raising money for a gift? I need to prepare,” I told my daughter.

The daughter lowered her eyes and quietly explained, “Dan does not want to marry. All these formalities and extra paperwork do not make sense if you love a man. We are free people, and we should not bind ourselves like that. And I think that’s right.”

The first thing that came into my mind was, “Dan is brilliant.”

My daughter is barely twenty. She’s not yet graduated from the institute, but she’s already waiting tables. And what kind of marriage is this? Especially since she and Dan are the same age, there was no need to add another person to the family to support.

Dan came to visit. He was skinny, strangely dressed, and wasn’t very talkative.

I cooked something delicious this morning. I baked chicken, made two salads, sandwiches with caviar, and my signature cherry pie. I wanted to impress Dan with my food because maybe he’ll be my son-in-law. But nothing happened. It turned out that Dan doesn’t eat fish, meat, or milk and only gluten-free bread.

“Now I know why you’re so thin,” I thought. “And what do you do, Dan? Are you studying or working?”

“I’m searching for myself and my strength. I’m learning new ways of knowing myself and the world and drawing power from the universe,” Dan explained that the main goal is to find your place in the world and establish contact with your spiritual family members.

“I just opened my mouth when I heard that. Here is my daughter’s joy, a guy who’s in contact with the universe through the chakras. I’ve never heard of that before.”

“Well, that’s good news. But in the meantime, what do you do?” The question kept ringing in my head.

“So, what are you thinking about? What job do I need? I’m not quite ready to invest my strength and energy in a job I am not passionate about. The material doesn’t matter,” Dan replied as he looked very confident.

In response to that question, I asked, “And who pays for your education?“.

“My parents. And now Valerie will help because she gets a reasonable wage at the café, and we’ll have enough for the first time.” Dan said.

Before meeting Dan, my husband and I had planned to help children, but now we’ve changed our minds. What are we planning to do, and how can we help? How will he get fed, clothed, and housed while talking to the universe? Obviously not. It will be downright impossible.

Having packed her stuff, we sent her off with her boyfriend. We also paid for her first rent payment, we helped her with her first payment for the apartment, and that was it. They seldom contacted her or visited her very often. She knew we disagreed with her choice, but I never told her anything or stopped her from moving in with him.

The last time she visited us was six months ago. She was pale, tired, and sleepless. She had to work extra hard because she didn’t have enough money. The other day I cooked stuffed bell peppers with meat for my daughter, and she ate as many as six pieces.

I gave her a pocketful of money to buy some inexpensive things. Since then, my daughter has visited more and more to eat my food. After two months, she moved in with us because her love was over.

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My daughter wanted to get married but didn’t make it.