My dream job didn’t give me the energy or motivation to get up in the morning

I have a friend with whom I have been in contact since kindergarten. We have always talked about working together. When we were kids, we planned concerts together but could not become famous singers, so we had to find regular employment.

I was hired to work as a nanny, and she was looking for a job that she would enjoy and bring in money. So, one day, she called me and told me she was being offered a position with a Danish company that exports plants. The wages are as high as in Denmark, and the work schedule is regular, but you must work the night shift every week.

My friend said, “I will work for a month and tell you whether or not it is a good job.”

I learned from Nancy a month later that her job was challenging every time we saw each other. I couldn’t believe it because a nine-hour work schedule isn’t as exhausting as a crazy nanny’s day. You never know how the kids will react or if everything will work out for the parents. Therefore, I was ready to change my job, especially since they paid a reasonable salary. I could quickly save money for my dream trip to Japan with that kind of money.

I met with employers the next day. Nancy went to work, and I went to the office. I passed the interview, the Danish and English tests, and the analytical tests and was told that further contact would be made.

After receiving a call in the morning, I was informed that I would be working immediately. My first day was easy as I was briefed on my responsibilities and shown my job. I am a sales representative in one of the most prestigious companies I have ever dreamt of. My salary has been a motivating factor for me.

As I worked the next day, I could not help but think that my life would improve significantly. This is because, if I did my job well, I would be able to go on a business trip to Denmark. I could receive a substantial salary increase. In addition, if I progress in my career, I could become a manager.

I spent more time on the second day than the first as I was trying to master the sites that our company works with and fully comprehend my responsibilities: filling the office, communicating with customers, advising them, increasing the customer base, etc.

My friend stated that she did not adjust to everything for long because no one pushed her in the back. On the contrary, her colleagues supported and encouraged her despite her complex work.

I did not realize how difficult it would be to keep track of sales where the merchandise was shipped when it was due to arrive. I also had to verify that the merchandise waiting to be sent packaged correctly. I did not realize that I would have to regularly visit the warehouse to see what was being prepared for departure. My friend told me about the daily grind, but I did not remember those words until I began to feel the pressure of the job.

After work, most employees stayed at work, and I was forced to remain until I had completed my daily tasks.

For the first month, I worked long and hard, but as I worked harder, I slept less, and gradually my enthusiasm and motivation waned. If there were a global energy market, I would make more money selling my energy than working. The reason is that I could utilize my power to the fullest.

Even the money I received did not improve our situation. On weekends and weekdays, I thought about work constantly, and I thought about it. And after a few months of intense work, my eyes began to twitch. I became nervous and angry. After two months of work, my friend resigned, unable to withstand the pressure, but I could not do it. I dreamed of a job where you could make so much money.

In a few months, I gave up. After all, I am not a robot. I stopped enjoying expensive things and fine dining restaurants because I was preoccupied with work. This is due to my busy departure schedule and concerns about completing tasks faster.

I left my job and am now content because I can sleep peacefully, my dreams of work no longer disturb me, and I do not wake up feeling hatred for all living creatures in the morning.

It is an excellent experience for anyone. However, having less money and living in peace is better than constantly worrying, becoming anxious, and angry about work.

Would you consider money more important than peace in such a situation? Have you experienced such a situation?

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My dream job didn’t give me the energy or motivation to get up in the morning