My ex-husband accused me of fraud

Whenever we met with my ex-husband, we ended up in quarrels and scandals. And that’s why

After applying for alimony, I was a bit concerned about the process. I did not expect such a fight. In celebration of the end of the school year, I took my daughter to a cafe with her classmates. The parents drank coffee and talked nearby on a day off for the children. I received a text message from my ex-husband: “Where is Olivia?”. We rarely communicate over the phone, so I was not surprised that he wrote. He came to pick up his daughter but did not tell us, probably thinking we were waiting for him. I wrote him that my daughter was with friends in a cafe and had to wait two hours. Ten minutes later, I saw my ex approaching the restaurant where we had the party. When he stepped out of the car, he shouted, “Come here! We need to talk!”.

Arguments, yelling, profane words, and insults – I wouldn’t go into the details, but I was embarrassed. If he did not calm down, I threatened to call the police. He became even more anxious. After that, I filmed him insulting and humiliating me. As he calmed down, he started calling the authorities.

I could not hear the entire conversation, only parts of it. I could only understand that she was cheating on me and demanding money. She asks for alimony in court, and I have no idea how she will spend the money. She does not buy anything for the child, who is hungry and wearing tattered clothes.

Although I was shocked, I tried not to show it because my daughter and other parents had already approached me. Then I saw the police approaching. Michael was talking to the officer. They started asking questions about his behavior and our conflict when they came to me. When I realized what was happening, one of the police officers asked me, “Will you file a complaint against him?”.

“Of course!” I replied.

From the restaurant, we headed to the police department. According to my ex-husband’s complaint, I demanded money from him and did not allow him to see my daughter. According to my complaint, he constantly insults and threatens me and swears in public. I have asked my family lawyer to request that the court support our case if my ex-husband commits more wrongdoings.

Michael continued to argue with me while in the police department, but I ignored him. As my daughter waited in the next room, she was treated to candy and tea.

I have already filed six complaints against my ex-husband. Four of them have already been filed previously. That day, my daughter refused to spend time with her father, so we went shopping and to the amusement park to cheer ourselves up. The guilt I felt never left me because we had ruined the party that the children had been looking forward to. Since I have apologized to everyone, I hope they won’t hold a grudge against me, especially against Olivia.

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My ex-husband accused me of fraud