My family was angry with me because I started my own business

I have been dreaming of setting up my own tailoring business for several years now, where I could provide quality tailoring and alterations to men, women, and children. Recently, I decided to begin my own company with a friend. I got tired of working for others, investing much time and energy, but not being able to see their plans realized, nor having a regular income.

After finishing school and getting my first part-time job, I began saving some money. Eight years later, I saved quite a bit of money. I had to take out a loan for the rest of my business venture. At least I had inherited an apartment from my grandmother. She left me a three-bedroom apartment and a piece of land. My brother and I sold them and bought two one-room apartments.

The only thing bothering me is that I am helping my parents. My brother used the funds to cover minor expenses and necessities. The amount was not large, but it made their lives easier. Despite their desire for perfection, I could not indefinitely provide them with financial support.

So I decided to share the news with my family and announce that they would not receive financial support from me. If I do have the opportunity to help, I will do it, but it will not be every month. And do you know how my family reacted? They were furious and disappointed. They did not hide their feelings.

“Where do we go from here?” my mother asked me. “Does that mean your father and I will not be able to attend the vacation? Our car broke down, and we had to pay for repairs. I should have been notified somehow since I had already made the reservations. How can you be so selfish?”

“Oh, thank you, sister. You’re the coolest!” my brother said sarcastically. It was clear from the look on my face that my brother that he was furious when I said, “Now I won’t see my new tablet! So you will have your own business, and I will still have my old tablet.” My brother was upset.

It was interesting that none of them asked me if I needed help. They did not express joy over my progress or wish me the best of luck. 

“I was significant to them only when I gave them money. They didn’t call me or text me just like that, but I now understand. I don’t blame them, but how frustrating it must be for me to grasp the whole picture and realize that my family does not appreciate me.

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My family was angry with me because I started my own business