My friend ate at my expense at a restaurant.

There was a time when I had a best friend. However, the main word here is “was.” She is my former classmate. As far as I recall, we could talk about anything.

We never exchanged birthday gifts to celebrate each other’s birthdays or holidays. Of course, we exchanged verbal wishes but never bought each other anything.

Despite this, I still loved her deeply. She always encouraged me and listened to my cries and sorrows. We could work together on any subject. So I decided to buy her something special on her birthday. After all, it’s her birthday.

I knew she liked beautiful clothes, so I gave her a rather expensive silk dress. I can attest to that. I have one of my own. And I had it custom-made for me. I believe she was very pleased with it.

The next day, Samantha invited me to dinner at a restaurant. I headed there with pleasant thoughts, thinking it would be a great idea to begin our habit of exchanging gifts.

During our visit, we visited a rather expensive but charming restaurant. I‘ve always had an excellent experience every time I’ve been there. The food is fantastic there.

It was time to get started. I ordered a salad, dessert, and lemonade. Samantha began ordering almost everything on the menu. Since she was paying, I thought she could get anything. While I was eating, I couldn’t get these thoughts out of my head.

Because I gave her an expensive gift, she invited me, so I was fine with it.

It was a long night talking to each other. We had a good time. It’s something we talk about all the time. That evening was almost over. Samantha asked for a check. We waited for it for a few more minutes. Samantha stood up as soon as we got the bill and said she would wait outside for me.

The events that occurred make no sense to me at all. I had the money with me. I had paid for the dinner. But what if that wasn’t the case? Why should I bear the cost? She ate there a lot more than I did. At least half the bill should have been hers.

As I walked out of the restaurant, I told my friend I had to leave. I didn’t wait for an answer so that I wouldn’t lash out at her.

My friend has no longer been welcomed into my life. I have stopped making frequent calls to her. We only make calls when we have an emergency. What do you think about that? Did I do wrong in this situation? Would you think losing a friend over a disrespectful attitude is right? Probably not. I will not give gifts again. I should depend on myself than on others.

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My friend ate at my expense at a restaurant.