My grandmother entered my life unexpectedly, and when I discovered why I didn’t know her, I removed her from my life.

My mother and I have well-paying jobs: she works as an immigration attorney, and I am currently seeking a job as a paralegal. I also work part-time as a law clerk in my mother’s office. I had always believed that my mother and I lived alone without any close family until I received a call from an unknown number. The person identified herself as my grandmother.

I am unfamiliar with my relatives because we moved far away from home to another country. My mother always wanted the best for me, so she thought we would move to Denmark.

I received a telephone call from Grandma Anne asking for a meeting. I was not expecting such a reversal of events since I am now 19 years old. I did not understand where this woman had been all this time. My mother never made me feel remorseful about my family, and we did not discuss them. I understood that there was a reason if we did not communicate with them.

The fact that I didn’t actively maintain a dialogue with the woman was the equivalent of talking about my life to a stranger on the street. Anne asked me about my affairs and preferences, but the situation caused me to feel uncomfortable, so I ended the conversation. She asked if I would call her back, but I was happy not to hear her, so I hung up.

Nevertheless, I wanted to talk to my mother that day, deciding it was time to learn about my family. I realized that this topic was painful for my mother, but I could not put it off any longer.

At dinner, my mother and I sat together, and I asked her about my relatives.

It took her a long time to speak, but she finally said, “Please don’t say she still calls you…”

I realized Anne was seeking a connection with me, and my mother was actively blocking it, so I became even more intrigued.

My mother understood that I was already an adult and that hiding the truth from me was pointless since I could understand. So she began to speak. When I learned why my mother had to leave the United States, her home country, my wish to communicate with my grandmother immediately faded.

One day my father, Ben, decided he no longer loved Diana (my mother). He gathered his things and told her that he had found another woman. That woman turned out to be Diana’s sister Valerie. When my father left us for Valerie, my mother was already pregnant.

Any woman will feel affected in this situation, so my mother was enraged at the two of them, her husband and sister. However, my grandmother and grandfather strongly opposed her mother’s actions towards Valerie and Ben. You can’t demand who your heart loves. They told my mother to leave them alone. She suffered enough in her life, and now is the right time for her to be happy.

My grandparents were aware of my father’s cheating but did not react positively; therefore, my mother decided these people were no longer her family. She left with a small child in her arms for a different country to begin a new chapter in her life.

My grandmother called her once and requested money because Ben had been fired, Valerie was on maternity leave, and she and her grandfather were retired, but my mother refused.

My desire to communicate with my relatives vanished instantly and without a trace after hearing my mother’s story since a good mother would not abandon her daughter with a small child in her arms.

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My grandmother entered my life unexpectedly, and when I discovered why I didn’t know her, I removed her from my life.