My husband cheated on me after 12 years of marriage. He has been with another woman for about seven years. I’m broken and devastated

My husband Vincent and I have been married for about 12 years; we have two wonderful children, a comfortable house, a stable income, and a house outside the city. I felt happy next to him because we spent time with the children, traveled on vacation, and worked in our country house.

Vincent was a wonderful guy who I was 100 percent sure I would love to marry from the first meeting. This is because our family values boundaries and always has time for ourselves. I preferred to relax in spa salons with my girlfriends and venture out to restaurants with my husband while he headed to the sauna, football, etc., with the boys.

When I was late for work and was drained, I received an incoming call from my husband. He told me he was heading to a bar with his boys to watch football. He said his parents also have children, so I could rest assured that I was in good hands.

“The next day, we met with his friends’ families, and when I asked his friend, “How’s the football?” he answered me, “What kind of football?” This did not alarm me in the least, for I thought that perhaps he had not been with my husband yesterday. Of course, I could not be wary because my trust in him was very high.

My husband gives me flowers and invites me to restaurants. Therefore, I couldn’t even think about the fact that there was another woman in his life until I saw it myself.

One day at work, I got a message from a woman saying, “Good afternoon, Natalie! I’m your husband’s lover, and I’m waiting for you at…”

I thought it was a joke, but I decided to leave after laughing, and to my surprise, a blonde girl waved her hand at me from one table and asked me to sit down.

As it turns out, she had been dating my husband for about two years, but he did not inform her that he was married. She did not ask him about it because she wasn’t looking for a relationship. She was only interested in the intimate part of things.

A blonde told me she saw Vincent’s message to me on his phone, and then she decided to get into his phone. She also saw photos of our children among the phone images on Vincent’s phone, and she decided I should be informed about this.

Of course, it could be some lie, but she showed me her correspondence with my husband, their joint photos…

I felt devastated and broken because the person with whom I had a wonderful marriage and two beautiful children turned out to be a dishonorable and disgusting animal. Of course, I threw his things out the door and filed for divorce. However, I’m not sure I can trust anyone like that again because my trust was trampled on.

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My husband cheated on me after 12 years of marriage. He has been with another woman for about seven years. I’m broken and devastated