My husband isn’t contributing financially to the family.

Let me tell you a story that can help you avoid many of my mistakes.

It’s been three years since I got married. I don’t have kids yet. Vincent says we don’t need to hurry to have kids, and I agree.

We bought a car about a year ago because we both had driver’s licenses. We were short on money now. I managed to get by, though. Fortunately, I made twice as much as he does. However, I hadn’t given it much thought. It just came up.

To begin with, we did our best to pay off all our debts and meet all our needs.

Then everything changed. I paid the credit; we had enough food and bought everything else we needed. My husband spent his salary on himself and helped his aunt.

Although my husband’s aunt was already retired, she continued to work until recently. She lived in a rural house. She had a small farm. She didn’t need as much help as we did. I would, of course, not oppose my husband’s desire to support his aunt. His aunt was like a mother to him. However, our financial situation was now challenging. Despite this, he never offered to help me.

I have spoken to him twice about this issue. He has begun paying some of the utilities. The most substantial expenses, however, remained my responsibility.

I was then surprised that he had not stopped aiding his aunt financially. I discovered that he had bought her a new lawnmower and a refrigerator.

Then I got angry. I calculated everything: credit, utilities, food, and small necessities. Then I broke it down and showed it to my husband. As a result of what happened, he began to argue as if I wasn’t spending the same amount of money on him as I was spending on his aunt. He reminded me of all he did for our family. My husband said he worked hard and was always there for me. Therefore, he complained I was taking his last penny.

I realized that was it. I won’t take it anymore. We probably think very differently about life.

I didn’t want to get into a big fight. Hence, we agreed peacefully. I then filed for divorce. There was nothing to lose. I took care of myself anyway.

After moving in with his aunt, Vincent stayed with her. Since then, he has continued to help her. However, I am no longer interested. My ex got mad at me. As if I had initiated the fight and filed for divorce myself because of my unreasonable attitude. So now I’m driving a brand-new car. I almost paid off the auto loan. If I were you, I would never allow someone to be as unkind as my husband was to me.

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My husband isn’t contributing financially to the family.