My husband purchased a condo I was not aware of.

I am married to a successful businessman who works in the tourism sector. He owns a network of travel agencies strategically located in many of the largest cities in the country. He also holds an advertising company. I can buy cars and boats without consulting my husband. In addition, I can withdraw large amounts of cash from our joint account without him realizing it.

A week ago, my husband was on a business trip to one of his offices because he had an urgent matter to handle. He called me up at 6 a.m. to take a picture of an invoice, and as I rummaged through the filing cabinet, I found a deed to a one-bedroom condo in his name. The condo is surprisingly located in one of the most prestigious areas in our city.

The first thing that came to my mind was a gift for me. But the document was issued almost a year ago. I thought he had plenty of time to let me know about it during the year. Who is the gift intended for? From his side of the family, he does not have any relatives. Perhaps there is an apartment for his mistress or his ex? Or maybe he has children I do not know about?

In the middle of all these questions, there are no answers. I have no idea what to think now. I believe that he loves only me. There have been times in my life when, because of my curiosity, I learned something that I would prefer to avoid. What should I do? Is it better to live happily, pretend to know nothing, or know the truth, even if it destroys everything I have?

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My husband purchased a condo I was not aware of.