My kids didn’t support me, so I did everything myself

My children and grandchildren came to visit me often after my wife died. I left the apartment to the youngest daughter while the eldest moved outside the city to live in his own country house. I arranged for a large garden where various berries, fruits, and vegetables grew. The harvest was plentiful, but I did not have the strength to cultivate everything myself.

No matter how much I asked for help from my family, they always said they were too busy. 

The berries were falling off, the fruit was rotting, and we didn’t need so many vegetables, so they asked me, “Why do you want so much? Now that you can buy everything at the supermarket, why still grow so many fruits and vegetables?”

My next thought was, why not start selling vegetables and fruit? You cannot go wrong with it. My fruit and vegetables would be delicious and organic, which would be the right business decision. Plus, I’ll be able to earn extra money for my retirement. I can buy the tools for carpentry I want.

When they discovered my plans, my family was furious. However, I warned them that if they didn’t help, I’ll collect as much harvest as possible and sell it on the market.

She was furious at me; she argued and blamed me for humiliating her. With living children, a father trades in the market; what will people say? But I don’t see anything humiliating here since I grow vegetables and fruit myself; I do my landscaping. It’s not like I would ever sell stolen goods. Since I have devoted a lot of time and effort to growing my fruit and vegetables, I prefer to sell them rather than throw them away.

In my opinion, my kids don’t like to work in the garden, and they don’t understand how working with plants calms my nerves. They don’t understand the joy of working with their hands on the land. At first, I thought maybe they were right. Why do I need so many vegetables and fruits? I have food to eat, and my life is good. But then I decided to share my organic food with other people and sell it in the market.

In general, the children’s reaction is strange to me because, during the 1990s, my wife sold staff in the market. It was a time of recession and unemployment, and we were trying to make ends meet. And for some reason, our children didn’t care where the money came from. We also paid for their education, and no one seemed to watch where the money came from. Now what? Are they too cool for that?

Those who do not wish to work should be ashamed of themselves, not me. Since homemade food is always the top choice, my relatives will come to me for delicious pickles, strawberry jam, and canned fruits and vegetables.

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My kids didn’t support me, so I did everything myself