My new mom

On Monday morning, the principal came to Ms. Irene’s class with a man and a little boy.
“Max will be in your class now, so get to know him. Here’s his dad, Mr. Oliver McCoy.”
Taking hold of the boy’s shoulders, the teacher said, “Let’s meet the kids so I can show you your desk.”
“Don’t worry, Mr. McCoy; everything will be fine. Kids love Ms. Irene.”
The principal took his dad to his office to get everything in order.
Max had a successful first day of school. He was calm, modest, but super bright. Despite his shyness, he found something in common with Ms. Irene.
She shared her observations about Max with Max’s dad when he picked him up. McCoy explained Max did not have a mother, and he was looking for a mother in each woman.
After a few weeks, Max got used to the new school and started enjoying classes. Ms. Irene stayed late one day after other parents picked up their children because Max’s father was running late to pick him up from school. As he arrived to pick up his son, he apologized for being late and explained that he had been busy at work.
To make amends for his mistake, Mr. McCoy invited Max’s teacher out for coffee over the weekend. The boy was thrilled and asked Ms. Irene to accept the invitation. The teacher could not refuse the invitation and got it.
On Saturday morning, Max, his father, and his teacher visited the home of Max’s teacher to have coffee in a restaurant. Irene and Oliver had the opportunity to drink coffee and converse in a recreation center while Max played on the playground.
In the months following that weekend, Iryna and Oliver began dating. Soon after, Oliver proposed marriage. The couple married in a small ceremony, and Irene moved in with Oliver and Max. Max was happy to have a mother now. In the first two years, the family was delighted. Irene was a teacher, and Oliver was a manager.
During Max’s fifth grade year, the first family problems began. Irene tried to help the boy adapt by suggesting that his father assist him with his homework. Since Oliver thought the boy should handle it, he wasn’t interested. He felt his son should’ve asked his teacher if he had any questions.
Max’s father would scold him whenever he achieved a poor grade. It was getting harder for the boy to be open to others, and Irene tried to help and support him.
“It’s bad for Max you have such a strict attitude with him; he doesn’t have a mother,” she told her husband.
“Don’t try to teach me. Get your child first, and then tell me how to raise him.” Oliver muttered.
It hurt Irene’s feelings because she would love to have children, but Oliver did not want to have any more children. He was content with just one child.
Once Max failed his math class. His father shouted and scolded his son when he learned about it. When he got scared, he stood next to Irene. An uproar broke out in the house when Oliver pushed her away to grab Max. Following that, the couple didn’t talk for a few days until Oliver apologized to his wife and son.
After a few weeks, Oliver returned home a bit drunk. Irina had never seen him like that before. He started insulting his wife and looking for a reason to argue. Irene found out that she could neither cook, clean, nor raise kids through his yelling. Next, it was Max’s turn to be scolded. Max’s father started to yell at him and brought him to tears despite Irene’s pleas not to.
It became unbearable for Irene, and she decided to leave her husband. As Irene was collecting stuff, Max came up to her and asked, “Irene, where are you heading?”
“Max, I love you so much. You can come to me whenever you want, but I can’t live with your dad anymore because we’re too different.” Irene said to Max.
“Mom, don’t leave me,” pleaded the boy. “I love you very much, but don’t leave me alone.”
The words touched Ira’s heart, and she hugged Max.
She said, “Forgive me, son. I’m not leaving you behind; I love you too.” She vowed to leave only with Max.
On Tuesday, Oliver came in a terrible mood and started looking for an excuse to quarrel. All his attempts failed because Ira and Max didn’t cave in.
Irene adopted Max a few years later. Since Oliver has been drinking and meeting other women less and less, he has been spending less and less time at home. Irene was aware of this. Over time, however, she decided that enough was enough. She filed for divorce from Oliver and brought Max into her home.
Irene hired a family attorney to protect both her and Max’s interests. Irene and Max met Oliver on the day of the trial. He shouted, called them names, and threatened them as soon as he saw them. Oliver yelled that Irene would never see Max again. The boy couldn’t stop crying.
The judge’s secretary saw this scene and tried to calm Oliver down. In the end, the court divorced Irene and Oliver, leaving Max with his wife.
It was a happy day for Irene and Max.
In the aftermath of the trial, Mr. McCoy approached them. “Son, I am sorry. I am not sure what happened to me. Irene and I did not get along, but do not be mean to me. Please do not forget your father.”
Oliver lowered his head and left the courtroom.
“Let’s go get some ice cream, mom.”
“Let’s pick as many ice creams as you like.”
Irene and Max hugged each other again. The two of them were happy.

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My new mom