My niece is already preparing for my funeral.

I am 59 years old. I don’t have a family. I worked all the time. I started my own company. I still run it well, despite its size. My only relative is my 26-year-old niece Diana. She just graduated from a university.

My brother was 12 years older than me. He had poor health from a young age. He also married an older woman. They had a daughter, Diana. Both died not long ago; the girl was 17 when she became orphaned. I helped her get on her feet and supported her. My niece got into her dream university with a full scholarship.

Diana was brilliant; she studied well. It was her dream to go to university. She joked that she’d take things into her own hands when I died. Of course, she was joking. The truth is that I had no objection to her inheriting everything after I died. She was sure that she would carry it out.

Later, Diana switched to online classes at her college in her third year, and I hired her. Her responsibilities were straightforward but essential. She needed to gain experience. She also happily agreed. She already wanted to work.

Then I found out that my Diana had found her soul mate, Michael. As his niece introduced me, the young man was a few years older, just after graduating. He was an excellent specialist. Although Michael graduated in finance, he could not find a job because he lacked experience. Diana convinced me to hire her boyfriend. We made a deal. I mean, it wasn’t like there was anything wrong with that.

Their first time dealing with their departments worked well. Everything ran smoothly.

I didn’t find any errors in the documentation or the work. Moreover, I was thrilled to be in a position to help my family and young people in such a positive way. Diana and Michael got married within a year. I paid for most of the wedding. The boy’s parents didn’t have much money.

All of a sudden, everything changed.

Her husband and niece were getting more responsibilities. Her husband gave orders behind my back. They kept telling me to stay home, that this business makes me tired. That they could handle everything on their own. Naturally, at first, I gave in because I thought they were looking out for me. I guess I was wrong.

One day they asked me if I could give Diana my business because I couldn’t do it anymore. Diana told me she would give me a share of my company. It’s not what I wanted. At 57, it’s not what I expected. There were a lot of things I wanted to do. Besides, my business has been my whole life.

It’s the worst I’ve ever felt. Diana has never surprised me like this. I understand that her husband most likely influenced her. I asked them to look for another job for one month rather than abandon my business entirely.

That hurt me a lot. This is how you try, work, and help your family. I raised Diana as my own. Then she took advantage of me. Oh well. Now I’ll pay more attention to people around me.

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My niece is already preparing for my funeral.