My sons stopped caring for me after I gave my property to my niece.

After our 70th birthday, my sons failed to contact me. I cannot understand why they didn’t call me. This is even though they care about me all the time. I still don’t know what happened, but I am beginning to speculate.

My sons used to visit me almost every day. They took care of my home, cleaned, bought food, and helped me with minor repairs. They lived in rented apartments, but they also made enough money. I used to have a few dollars deposited. I offered them a loan so they could use it as a down payment to buy their housing.

But they refused to take my money. As far as they were concerned, everything went well. The problem is that they are married and have children together. They were thinking about buying housing of their own later. However, I was out of money because I bought a small cottage and repaired it. I wanted it to have expansive windows and a relaxed atmosphere inside. So, I got a luxury cottage and enjoyed it and the surrounding nature.

During the past two years, my sons haven’t left me. Every day, they and my grandchildren accompany me. They brought me groceries and helped me get them one by one, so I never had to carry anything heavy by myself.

They called me a few times a day. I was glad to see my sons not leave their mother despite being old. Additionally, their wives also helped with the housework. Then they took me to the country for a picnic when the time came.

My birthday was a few days ago. I was surprised to learn I was 70 years old. That is why we had a grand celebration at the restaurant. However, I told them several times that nothing was necessary. I could celebrate with my relatives even at home.

At my birthday party in the restaurant, I mentioned that I would make a will for my niece. My children showed interest in the topic. I said I had a niece in another city. My brother had raised her himself. He lived with her in a rented apartment. They were inferior. She had no money.

After being accepted at the university in our city, I invited her to live with me. And then I will leave her my apartment after I die so that I would not have to divide it among my sons after my death.

There was no response, but there was a sense of displeasure on their faces.

I was no longer called or visited after my birthday party. Even when I called, they would not answer. Does that have something to do with the housing situation?

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My sons stopped caring for me after I gave my property to my niece.