My unborn happiness

My daughter fell in love.  For the first time.  I was happy for her until I found out that my son-in-law has a daughter from his first marriage.

Anna called me on Saturday morning and said that she would not be able to come for the weekend, her car broke down and she had to go to the mechanic. It was there, as it turned out, that she met Oliver, a handsome, man and outspoken.

I cannot say that I did not like Oliver; he can talk, he is charming and kind. Their romance lasted about a month when they told me they were going to get married.  But it was even more surprising that the future son-in-law has a one-year-old daughter from a previous marriage who lives with him, his wife left them when the girl was less than six months old.

Anna, why do you need someone else’s child for?  I couldn’t accept it in any way.

Mom, she is like my own to me.

I was depressed by the thought that Oliver wanted to use my daughter as a nanny and maid. Because why?  You probably don’t want to be both mom and dad? It is not known with what happened to her mother. If he suddenly wants to take the baby, what goals do he even have?  Why does a young girl need such problems.  But I am a calm woman, I try not to argue, I just accepted my daughter’s decision.

A month before the wedding, Oliver visited me alone, without Anna, which surprised me a lot. Came to talk.

Please do not doubt the sincerity of my feelings, I really love Anna.  I don’t want to shift all my problems with Julia onto her shoulders. I promise to look after your daughter.

 New chapter

After the wedding, Oliver and Anna moved in with him, he had his own one-room apartment.  I often came to visit them and help my daughter at home, I went for walks with Julia, I gave advice on how to best feed the girl.  Although I have not dealt with young children for a long time, they listened to my advice anyway, because it was really effective.  And so imperceptibly to myself, I began to perceive Julia as my granddaughter: I stayed with her when the young couple had to go somewhere, I took her home for the weekend and took her for walks.

More years have passed since then.  At that time, there were no problems with Oliver or Julia. The son-in-law was always nice and joyful. I was sure that their family was full of joy.  And one day, when my granddaughter was back with me for the weekend, I learned a family secret:

Mom constantly argues with dad, and dad comes home from work later and later.  And it makes me sad.

I got scared it not a joke and decided to talk to my daughter.

Really, nothing has happened recently.  Oliver wants a second child, and I’m not ready yet.  I just found a decent job, my career is developing, I don’t want to stay at home.

Well, you can understand him – you have been married for almost 4 years.

It’s not just about the baby.  You know, I fell in love with someone else, but I can’t tell Oliver about it.

 Life changes

They divorced after 2 months.  Oliver let Anna go without screaming and scandals.  Later, he simply asked me if I would visit Julia, because she had already fallen in love with her grandmother Maria.

Of course I will be.  She is my little granddaughter.

Anna remarried and although the new son-in-law was a good man, I could not take him to my heart like Oliver.

Julia was my only happiness now.  She grew up, got prettier, her interests changed: together we learned to skate, play with dolls, take nice photos with the phone.  Julia was a very talented student and I always tried to help her.

About a year after the marriage of Anna and Tim, a son was born, but his coming into the world did not evoke such emotions in me as the appearance of Julia in my life.  Tim parents enjoyed their grandson, and I did not show any initiative in his upbringing.

One day Julia asked if she could live with me. I was surprised:

What happened?  Did you have an argument with your dad again?

No, he just disappears again somewhere in the evenings.

Born soul

I realized that a new woman appeared at Oliver ‘s.  I wanted to reassure my granddaughter with all my strength and said that dad had the right to be happy, he was still a young man and he could not live alone, but that does not mean that he loves her less.  A few days later, I met Oliver to talk.

Do you have a fiancé?

She’s a really good woman.  She accepts Julia as hers, she has already bought her gifts.  Oliver replied a bit confused.

I believe she’s good.  What will happen to me and Julia now?

 It means?

Here I got upset and didn’t know how to start a conversation.  I mumbled something under my breath that now the baby will have a new mother and … a new grandmother, and I will be nobody.

Oliver looked at me with tears in his eyes:

For me and Julia, you are like a family and it will stay that way.  For her, you are a real grandmother that no one can replace.

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My unborn happiness