My wife is perfect for me.

Despite never thinking I’d get married, I built a happy and strong family with my wife.

The world is full of lonely people. Until recently, I thought there was nothing wrong with that. It was difficult for me to be in the relationship at the time. Even if I met a pretty girl, I always felt burdening myself in the relationship. As for myself, I have already come to terms with this situation; I did not overthink it, and I made the best of the problem.

After I met Linda, I knew I wanted to marry her. Our relationship was easy and calm. It was love at first sight. We’re still in love.

Linda was excellent, in my opinion. I didn’t find anything annoying about her. I also became a different person because of her.

She was able to calm me down, calm my anger, and teach me to think clearly. I appreciate her help.

I got together with my classmates one day at a bar. That was the bachelorette party. Nobody brought their wives. Since we hadn’t seen each other in so long, we wanted to talk about everything.

Kevin and Max complained as soon as they sat down. Their wives were so annoying that they ignored themselves. I listened in silence. I didn’t get why they got married.

After we finished talking, they asked me about my wife. Then I told them how wonderful my wife is, how supportive she is, and how gorgeous. I had more to say before we got into our apartment. My wife’s dedication to working is one of the things that I mentioned.

I surprised my friends. Since they were so sure nobody was perfect, they didn’t expect me to have a perfect wife. No matter what they asked me, I couldn’t recall any facts about my wife that annoyed me. Whatever they didn’t like, I liked about her.

We agreed to meet with the wives within a week. We reserved a table at a restaurant and went to dinner. We had a good time. My friends instantly started gossiping when the girls left the bathroom. “You describe your wife like a Goddess. But she’s just a very ordinary girl.”

I said, “From your description, I thought you were married to harpies, but they were very kind, beautiful girls. Maybe the problem is what you want in them, not what they are.”

They thought and didn’t answer.

But I couldn’t understand them. And there are a lot of such people. They look for something to complain about. Some people see a trait as a disadvantage; others as a treasure. No two people are alike. We need to be kind to each other. When you are annoyed by someone, it may be because you don’t love them, and something else may be waiting for you. I believe my wife is perfect. Especially for me!

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My wife is perfect for me.