My wife still sleeps with her mother

We don’t own a house. Therefore, we live with my wife’s parents. Our parents argue with us, and sometimes we don’t understand each other.

Olivia, my mother-in-law, usually fights with me. Sometimes she complains about how I’m disorganized with my stuff or can’t fix the door handle for a month. If Olivia doesn’t get what my wife and I are talking about, she can come into our bedroom at night without asking.

She wants me to get a better job and make more money. I don’t care what she says. Meanwhile, I’m looking for a feasible way to move out of their house and live separately from them. After hearing this, Olivia gets hysterical and tells everyone that she and her husband built a place like this and grew a garden for their grandchildren.

When I mention it to her, my mother-in-law cries, pouring on the pity that her husband is sick and can’t handle it alone. Olivia takes advantage of our sympathy by saying her only daughter wants to leave them alone. It keeps me wondering how many more arguments this woman can come up with so we can stay together. In addition, no matter what I say, she doesn’t change her opinion of me.

I’m in trouble with my wife because she thinks I’ve done something wrong. My mother-in-law says I’ve hurt her feelings, which increases her blood pressure. Afterward, I’m sure I’ll argue with my wife. But that is not the main thing. My wife will not get into bed with me after such a fight! She would lay down in bed with her mom instead. Her dad goes to bed in the living room. My wife sleeps with her mother if she gets sick, and she’ll be there for her. All of this is complete nonsense, in my opinion. Mom and daughter share a bed! I cannot comprehend this situation.

What does all this mean? Does this sound like a typical way my wife shows her mother that she cares for her? On the other hand, I also have feelings; I can’t bear it for too long. How can we work it out? I have no idea.

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My wife still sleeps with her mother