My wife’s daughter became my daughter

We are an ordinary family.  We live in the suburbs and have two wonderful sons.

I am a freelancer, I am not bound by any graphics.  I have an online store with children’s goods that I am successfully developing and I plan to increase my turnover in the future.

Once I had lunch in a restaurant and met a colleague from my previous job there.  Now he works in the office and is responsible for the development of the supplier base.

Charlie said that they are currently working on a charity project and plan to visit an orphanage for children with mental disorders or musculoskeletal disorders.  He asked if I would like to cooperate with them.  They want to put on a show.

I was considering his proposal, but actually I didn’t mind, everyone should do good, because it starts with us.  I had a flexible schedule, so the job problem was solved.

So we were already there.  I ordered children’s clothes through my friends and gave them to them while my colleagues were getting ready for the show.  In one of the rooms I came across a girl.  Her brown eyes were so bright and deep, I thought it was like a little angel descended from heaven.  The girl had hearing problems.

I was already at home, but the image of this child was still in my head.  I wanted to talk to my wife, God didn’t send us the daughter we wanted so much, maybe it’s destiny and we should adopt her?  The wife was indignant, she did not understand why we should take a sick child and carry this burden.

A wife trained for work asks to buy bread:

-Then I’m going to the orphanage to see Ava.

-To whom? My wife looked at me in surprise.

-To Ava, that’s the name of the girl.

My wife said that if so, she was going with me.  She did not understand what touched me so much about this child. I was surprised and hoped she would feel that we were destined to take this little girl.

When we got home, my wife didn’t speak to me for three days.  I didn’t understand anything, I started to demand an explanation and I heard it.

As it turned out, when my wife was very young, she had an affair, even before our relationship.  She fell in love with a foreigner, they did not know each other for long.  She became pregnant, and when she found out about it, he disappeared and cut off all contacts.  The pregnancy was difficult and when the baby was born it turned out that she had hearing problems.  She was young, scared, and abandoned her daughter.

The wife was depressed.  She said she hadn’t been hiding anything else from me, and this case happened before our relationship began.  I replied:

– I thought something like this only happens in the movies, but nothing has changed.  I still want to adopt this child, and indeed it is, she is actually ours.

We took Ava home, but that was just the beginning.  We had to tell the children everything so that they understood our decision.  Long days of research began, trips to the best clinics abroad, surgeries so that the girl could regain her hearing.

We forgot about the mistakes of the past and started over.  Time passed, over 5 years unnoticed.  Now Ava goes to regular school, like all other children, she goes to singing lessons.  At such moments, I am again convinced that everything in life happens as it should.

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My wife’s daughter became my daughter