Financial difficulties didn’t matter to them. They demanded assistance.

The two of them met at the market. He gladly approached and wanted to hug and say hi to them, but they said, “Nice meeting you!” and left… as if they were strangers.

He is 36 years old and has not been in touch with his parents for the past five years. The phone has not been answered, the door has been closed, and it all started the day he couldn’t help them financially. He has not been able to get in touch with them again since then.

He has a family composed of his wife, Olivia, and their two young children. They live modestly in a rented small apartment. Richard worked as an accountant in a state company, and Olivia took care of her son during her maternity leave. Their dream was still to have a large family, even though their circumstances precluded it. They had to ask banks for money to purchase the baby’s clothes and shoes. But they managed to adjust. It was very challenging for them to keep up with the endless bills.

Richard, however, had always striven to find an extra part-time job to ensure that his loved ones would live in a comfortable environment because he understood that he was the head of the family, and he must do everything possible and impossible to ensure that they lived in comfort.

His younger brother communicates well with his parents and is the only one who informs him about his parents’ life.

In the end, his parents took offense when Richard agreed not to help them repair their house because of his financial situation. Even though they are not poor, they live in their home and receive a comfortable pension. After all, they paid for Richard’s education and are convinced their son owes them and is obliged to assist them. And they did not delve into the fundamental problems of his life as a result. As far as this opinion is concerned, they forgot that they had a grandson. Consequently, they renounced their son and his family because of this situation. Who would have thought that money could come between parents and children?

And the youngest son, a favorite of his parents, chose a different life than his elder brother. An inveterate young man, he liked to party, but his parents saw another side of him: a helpful and obedient son.. Richard did not look very advantageous against his background, but he was always required to do more than his younger brother. So whether it was education, behavior, or financial aid, he was continually asked for more.

“We feel sorry for him because he’s young, he’s not sure what his future holds, and he doesn’t have many resources,” his parents explained to Richard. “Even though he has yet to get married, you have already formed a personality and a family, and we are counting on you!” Richard had listened to all of these things for many years.

He was offended by the fact that his parents didn’t understand him. No matter how hard he tried, he could not ever be their favorite son, no matter how hard he tried.

Nevertheless, Richard was able to find a job in the capital at a government agency and moved with his family to earn money. He purchased a large house for the family and founded a business with his wife. They gave birth to two more children but did not communicate with their parents. He tried to contact them continuously but was unable to do so.

There was a time when the phone rang. “Father is in the hospital,” the voice said. “He urgently needs an operation.” But it was not even my mother who had called him, but, as always, it was Richard’s brother who was the one who called.

Richard was willing to give everything he had to his parents without question.

He arrived at the hospital a short time later. Neither his parents nor his siblings wanted to speak to him. As soon as he arrived, he rushed straight to the doctor’s office. The diagnosis was not comforting.

There is an urgent need for the operation. We are unable to perform it here. It would be helpful if you could take my father to the capital. We have a famous surgeon here who can perform surgery. He is the ideal candidate for the job and can save your father, but it is costly. Could you do it? Can I make arrangements with the hospital?” asked the doctor.

There was no doubt in his mind that his parents’ pride would prevent them from accepting money from him, even under such conditions. However, a decision must be made. Time didn’t allow them to do this. After consulting with his wife, they decided to sell our car, take a medical loan, and add all their savings. This was sufficient to cover the surgery, and we were allowed to remain there.

There was a chance that the parents would accept the money if the doctor informed them that it was a charitable donation. Therefore, he asked the doctor to tell his parents it was a generous contribution.

Thank God the surgery turned out well.

As much as my life improved, my conscience found peace, but there was no communication between them. It was his parents’ decision, and he did his best, but he accepted it as a fact.

Are you of the opinion that the parents had a right to take offense at their son, and was the son able to resolve the issue with his parents by doing everything in his power?

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Financial difficulties didn’t matter to them. They demanded assistance.