No matter what she does, she can’t get a job. How come?

The time of this story is when my wife and I decided to start renting a tiny one-room apartment instead of a spacious three-room apartment, which would lower our costs and enable us to invest the money saved in the construction of our home, which we both dreamed of before marriage.

Despite being a manager of a well-known company, I was still not able to earn enough to keep the two of us together financially stable. That’s why we decided that we would both work. My wife would find a job that she likes, and I would work hard if I exceeded the company’s plans and if it was within my grasp.

So far, I have said that we have begun the process. I often stayed in the office until late at night, took some work home, and almost gave up the weekend. However, my beloved spent her time actively searching for employment. She browsed job boards, called about jobs, and inquired of friends and acquaintances whenever she saw them. But it turns out that it did not help her find a job.

I had to leave the office one morning to attend a business meeting. My business partner met in a small restaurant in a popular entertainment center. I noticed my wife en route to the meeting in one of the clothing stores. A few hours later, I received a notification that funds were being withdrawn from my credit card.

At home, I decided to talk about it with my wife. In response, I found out she was heading there for a job, but she decided to buy a few things at the store. This was to ascertain the quality of what she would have to sell.

As I write this, I still am not sure whether I believed her at the time, but instead, I convinced myself to accept. A few days later, I saw her with friends on the terrace of one of the many restaurants in the city. Again, I was notified of a charge on my credit card account. I learned that my wife’s friends saved her from depression after being rejected for a job at the clothing store where she bought her clothes. So I decided to visit the store and ask why they didn’t like her as their employee.

As a result, I was surprised to learn that they had a stable team over the last few months and are not looking for any new employees. I told my wife that she had no option but to find a job as soon as possible or live in this one-room apartment for the rest of her life. This was the perfect motivation for her.

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No matter what she does, she can’t get a job. How come?