Once, my niece’s parents liked me, but now I’m not needed

 I bought brand-new phone headphones for my niece because her old ones had broken, and her mother didn’t want her to have them. Since I love her, I have the opportunity; I decided to make her happy with the gift.

Melody usually stayed with me at night since my sister, Maria, is a nurse on call and works night shifts. Her husband often travels for business, so Melody used to stay with me most of the time. I fed her, helped her with her homework next to her, and walked with her and my two-year-old. We played games in the park and ate together. She liked me.

When her parents could not pick her up from school, I often picked her up from school myself.

It turned out that I often bought something new for Melody, such as a doll, a book, or a dress. My sister’s husband was never bothered by my purchases, and he appeared to be delighted.

My niece enjoys listening to music on her earphones, but my sister hasn’t bought any replacement headphones. My sister, however, didn’t purchase brand-new earphones because she was worried that her daughter’s hearing could deteriorate.

Max, the husband of my sister Melody, reprimanded me a few times in front of Melody because Melody was getting sick. Melody told her father to keep his mouth shut and refrain from addressing her in such a manner. During the conversation, Max became increasingly agitated.

It was easier for me to return home without waiting for the argument to develop into a significant conflict. We lived in a private house in a courtyard adjacent to my sister’s. I thought the husband would calm down and apologize, or the sister would understand her guilt.

The very next morning, they called me. My sister explained that Max did not like the close contact with his daughter, and he wanted us to see each other less often. I’ve been told that I am not to feed Melody or let her into my house.

We live nearby, and the girl used to play with our baby in our yard. I have told my sister to think it over again, as I will not kick Melody out of my house. How can they imagine what I would do?

Recently I was sitting in the yard, drinking coffee, and my little boy was dozing in the chair beside me. Melody, who came home from work, rushed over to us and began to share the news with me. Max, who walked in the door from work, picked up his daughter and took her home. Within ten minutes, a sister called me.

I felt that she was confused. However, after explaining that her husband was furious, she said she would like me to hang out with my son only when Melody was at school. That way, she would not be able to see us and talk to me. I could not stand it. No one is supposed to tell me what to do.

I didn’t keep anything to myself and walked over to her parent’s house to talk about it with them, and I told them that I didn’t want any trouble over Melody’s earphones and that I should have asked for permission rather than cause a fight over such a small matter. But Max wouldn’t listen to Melody talking about my baby and me. It turns out that Melody always talks about my baby and me to her parents.

“Aunt Olivia did this; she bought me that,” Max scoffed angrily at his daughter. “I do not want my child to love her aunt more than her parents. You have a son, take care of him, and leave my child alone.”

Still, I explained that I would not disown my niece and let her decide whether she wanted to talk to me or not. If they don’t like something, let them explain it to Melody. Unfortunately, we struggle to communicate well with one another. It is such a shame.

The other day I found out that my sister had bought a new house in a nearby town and that their home is up for sale. I find it strange how such small things can make people feel ready to make big decisions.

I don’t know what’s going on. They asked me for help when they looked for a babysitter for their daughter. They never resented my gifts to Melody. But when the child became attached to me, they started to fear she would love me more than them. This is very unfortunate.

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Once, my niece’s parents liked me, but now I’m not needed