Our daughter said she would bring her son-in-law home. We were pleased about this event since Olivia’s personal life had not worked out before. But when we saw our future son-in-law, we were shocked.

I’m feeling very old now. I’m 59 years old. I’ve been married to my husband for 40 years, and we have a beautiful daughter. She was the pride of our family throughout her life because she was beautiful, intelligent, and a terrific helper. She left us for the last time in 2008.

In high school, she completed her studies with honors and graduated as valedictorian of her class. Later, she was accepted to a prestigious university and received a full scholarship. She graduated from university with a summa cumlaude diploma and had an internship abroad.

Having returned to Nevada after a long absence, Olivia soon found a high-paying job without any problems. It would appear that everything was fine on the professional front, but it would seem that her personal life had not worked out for some reason.

There was a long period when she couldn’t find anyone, and when she did, her relationships lasted only a very short time for some reason.

Because my daughter was looking for the perfect man, I think she was being a bit picky about her choice.

It was very frustrating for our family when finally, our daughter fell deeply in love and was planning to get married. However, they broke up because she paid too much attention to work, and her boyfriend did not like that.

In response, Olivia decided that since she was doomed to be alone, so be it.

She jumped headlong into her work as a result and achieved remarkable success as a result.

As the years passed, my daughter reached 39, but she is still unmarried.

But recently, something unexpected happened.

Oksana told me that she had met her boyfriend a few days ago. From the look on her face, it is evident that she was taking the matter very seriously.

It seemed as though she was not hurrying to introduce us to her chosen one. Although we were constantly attempting to learn more about him, Olivia only changed the topic and did not reveal anything about him. Her mysteriousness seemed odd to us, but as it turned out, it was for a logical reason.

Meanwhile, our daughter informed us that her chosen one was proposing to marry her, and now she is looking forward to introducing him to us.

Our hearts raced in anticipation of the meeting. Our team prepared for the interview with trepidation. I set a lovely generous table and was ready to welcome my future son-in-law with open arms.

In his presence, I paled a tiny bit; he looked young, about 25 years old. But then, I didn’t say anything; we just sat and talked. From what I learned from the conversation, I realized that I was right; he is 25, he has not worked anywhere yet, and he lives with his parents.

We did not understand what our daughter found in him. This led me to decide to talk frankly with her alone about what she saw in him.

Olivia came to us in the next few days; I shared my doubts and concerns with her. After all, it looked as if he was only interested in gaining financial benefit from her.

There was a lot of fear in my heart for my daughter. She was putting in a lot of effort to achieve success so she could buy a house and a luxurious car one day.

As a result, I asked Olivia to be more careful with him because it did not make me feel at peace.

It is our desire as parents to see our daughter happy and loved, create a prosperous family, and realize herself as a mother and a wife. However, we were also afraid that she would fall into the net of someone trying to exploit her.

So that they could first live together for a year and see how things work for them, I asked her not to rush into marriage.

Only when he truly loves our Olivia and is ready to marry her, have children with her, and provide for them in the future will I be able to accept their relationship because at the moment, while their relationship is in its infancy, it does not inspire trust and confidence in their future.

However, the future will be determined by my daughter. It is her life, and it is her choice, and all I can do is suggest what she should do.

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Our daughter said she would bring her son-in-law home. We were pleased about this event since Olivia’s personal life had not worked out before. But when we saw our future son-in-law, we were shocked.