Our mother does not rest at night

“I have something I need to tell you,” Sam stared into his father’s eyes.

Though he didn’t know what the discussion would involve, his father realized it was critical from his son’s attitude, “Of course, let us talk. What about?”

“Okay, what about? I guess about my family, or rather about my mom.”

“What’s up with your mother?” Dad asked.

Looking at his father, he said, “I was sure you would guess, but you didn’t. Let me explain. Don’t you think we don’t let our mom sleep at night?”

As much as Dad tried to keep calm and not freak out, the options that crossed his mind were unfavorable. “And how do these conclusions happen? Especially at night?” he asked.

The son was so surprised that it seemed like everyday stuff.

“It’s not the first time you didn’t allow her to watch her favorite show. And you know how much she loves it. And that’s her favorite show all the time! That’s not fair to her!” the little boy said.

Dad sighed with relief, catching his breath. “I didn’t think everything was so harsh, but I will take your advice seriously and make it right.

Having heard his father’s response, the son told his mother that now she would get a good night’s sleep. His father laughed at this situation for a long time after that.

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Our mother does not rest at night